Ultimate Review: An Bui and His Online Career Accelerator A Scam?

Is An Bui a scam? This is the greatest question of all time. His name rings a bell. The man is making waves on the internet. True, digital marketers and aspiring digital marketers know An Bui by heart.

However, there are varying opinions regarding An Bui. For some, he is a man of mystery. Little is known about An Bui. Unfortunately, this fact overshadows the positive reviews people have about Online Career Accelerator, an online course provider created by An Bui.

So is An Bui a scam? Is Online Career Accelerator a scam? An Bui and Online Career Accelerator is synonymous with each other. 

You can’t talk of An Bui without touching on the Online Career Accelerator. You can’t talk about Online Career Accelerator without mentioning An Bui.

An Bui is heaven-sent! At least this is according to many students of Career Accelerator Online. Read the testimonials. The internet is bombarded with rave reviews about An Bui and the online course. This proves that An Bui is a well-loved mentor.

His critics thought that these are just paid reviews though. To his detractors, An Bui is just a businessman who is trying to make cash with an overpriced course!

Really, who is An Bui? Let us not delve on hearsays but focus on the facts and information regarding the man. We might end up enlightened at the end of this article.

An Bui and Onlinecareeraccelerator.com

An Bui is the man behind the platform onlinecareeraccelerator.com. He is a businessman and a mentor who has a vision to help digital and non-digital marketers out there to realize their full potential in the digital marketing industry with the help of his career accelerator program..

An Bui together with digital marketing experts have worked hand-in-hand to come up with a digital marketing strategy that guarantees its students success in their online careers. And it works! Students have testified already on the greatness of the course and they are really grateful to An Bui.

An Bui envisions that anyone can be successful in this niche that is why he prepared a very comprehensive course on digital marketing plus other strategies that will aid each student’s journey toward digital marketing and high-paying remote jobs. 

Course Inclusion

Online Career Accelerator’s course delves on the following:

  • Website plan improvement
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Strategies to get hired
  • Resume making
  • New worker screening records and records
  • Compensation course
  • Step-by-step guide to get a client
  • Step-by-step guide to earn more and work less

Still, naysayers are not impressed! An Bui is considered a scam and so Online Career Accelerator. There are non-stop attacks on the expensive course, saying that digital marketing can be learned for free, and that since it is a scam no one can earn from An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator’s online courses.

Online Career Accelerator’s online courses do not come cheap and that is true. However, students are guaranteed success at the end of the course. Students do not only learn the basics of digital marketing but advanced strategies for their career development.

Online Career Accelerator establishes support to its students. With a professional team onboard, students are guided throughout and beyond the course period. 

Online Career Accelerator has a Facebook community with members consisting of digital marketing experts, past, and present students.

An Bui is also active in this community. He tries to address concerns and answer queries. He spends time with his students and that is a fact! He is a legit person with an intention to help everyone achieve their career goals.

An Bui ensures that Online Career Accelerator will benefit everyone jumping on the digital marketing industry. It does not discriminate. It does not look at someone’s educational status. Everyone is welcome even if you have zero knowledge with digital marketing. 

Again, An Bui’s critics try to discredit An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator by saying that the online courses are ineffective. Here’s a disclaimer: Online Career Accelerator is not your quick solution to wealth.

Digital marketing is a very lucrative career. It can earn you more than the average salaries you are previously getting. But it cannot get you rich quickly.

Success comes with hard work. Because of the digital marketing experts at Online Career Accelerator, students are equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to triumph in digital marketing. They are prepared for the challenge already. They just need to apply what they learn and put them to action.

Skills coupled with hard work and patience make someone successful. Online Career Accelerator is just a start. It’s up to the students to make it happen. And when they do make it happen, the money starts coming in.

Fortunately, many students are happy with their earnings of more than $5,000 after getting trained at Online Career Accelerator. 

Free online courses may give valuable information but cannot give you the satisfaction. There is no one to back you up in cases of confusion or when you have a question that requires an expert’s opinion. An Bui ensures that Online Career Accelerator courses will provide such satisfaction, accelerate your career and success in the end.


Some people may discredit An Bui or disfavor the Online Career Accelerator, but it remains a fact that the program has helped digital marketing hopefuls and the program has worked for them.

As long as there are people who know the score between An Bui and the program, you will see more positive reviews on the internet. The same goes with the negative ones.

It’s up to you which information to believe: the positive over the negative, or the other way around. The only difference is that you are stuck looking for answers while others have found theirs and are already reaping the benefits.