@skopemag Q&A Featuring Jude Gwynaire Releases New Single ‘Big Sky Ocean’

With his single, “Big Sky Ocean,” Jude Gwynaire gives us a tasty slice of tasty keyboard/synth instrumental pop. Here, he tells us a little about the track’s origins.

Skope: The track references the sky and the ocean, so are you fascinated by the sky and flying? Can you fly a plane?

Jude Gwynaire: I am fascinated by the sky, yes. Many civilizations had myths of sky gods or goddesses, to help them explain the sky and the stars. I like to bring these ideas out in my music if I can. I can’t fly a plane though. I think I would always prefer to be a passenger.

Skope: As for the ocean, do you engage in ocean activities, like scuba diving? What are your favorite ocean activities?

Gwynaire: I love the sea and the ocean, but I prefer to just look at it these days – it’s too powerful and unpredictable!

Skope: Were you a fan of Jacques Cousteau growing up?

Gwynaire: Yes. I loved watching his documentaries!

Skope: Unlike some of your other more recent singles, this is more of an electronic track. Do you ever go from extreme to extreme when composing? If you’re doing too much organic music, with natural instruments, does it make you want to go for something entirely different, with synths?

Gwynaire: Yes, I do regularly go from one extreme to another when composing. It’s nice to create a more organic sounding track, then return to a more synth orientated, electronic composition. I listen to so many styles of music, it’s only inevitable that my creative output will be diverse.

Skope: What are some of your primary synthesizer music influences? Do you like synth-pop, more ambient sounds, like Brian Eno, or a little of both?

Gwynaire: A little of both. I enjoy listening to Brian Eno, but also groups like Future Sound of London and Boards of Canada. I’m also a fan of early synth composers like John Foxx. His album, ‘The Garden’, is one of my all-time favourites.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0Z8LKDibc3wkgG1l3Q3AAi

Skope: Was this track inspired by any place where the sky and/or ocean is especially notable?

Gwynaire: I guess I’d thought of Australia and Polynesia when I composed it. They’re such amazing, inspirational places.

Skope: Did this composition come to you quickly? If so, how often does that happen?

Gwynaire: Yes, it was a fairly quick track to compose. Sometimes inspiration just hits you and a composition takes shape easily and quickly. Some of my best tracks have been composed in this way.

Skope: What came first, the percussion part or the melody? Which of these elements usually come first?

Gwynaire: On this track, the percussion came first. I often compose a track around a drum track, for it acts as a time signature for the rest of the composition.

Skope: Do you need to be out in nature to come up with nature-related tracks/titles?

Gwynaire: No, not at all. It’s nice to catch up with nature every so often though. I do occasionally set up photos in my studio of subject matter relating to a track, which can help visualize a theme – but, mostly, my imagination is enough.

Skope: What is it about this track that makes it single-worthy in your mind?

Gwynaire: I think it has a cool melody!