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Insomnium Releases New Single and Music Video For “The Conjurer”

“We haven’t been idle during the pandemic. ‘The Conjurer’ is a tragic tale of jealous and searing love that opens this new chapter for Insomnium. Monumental composition by Markus Vanhala that reaches its peak in the soaring dual guitar solo. The wintry music video was shot in the dreamlike landscapes of northern Finland by director Vesa Ranta and his team. More shall follow,” states INSOMNIUM’s Niilo Sevänen.

Elias Bendix Announces LP

With “Time To Make A Better Day,” Bendix proclaims “I’m too pop to play jazz, but too jazzy to play pop.” The song serves as his declaration of love for life, community, and the inner and outer state of us all.

Elias Bendix Shares “Time To Make A Better Day”

KISS KISS BANG Release Official Music Video For “High Price (for Peace of Mind)”! New EP, ‘Hungry, High, & Seeing Things’ Out March 26, 2021!

Bowling Green, KY Rock Band KISS KISS BANG has released the official music video for the lead single off of their upcoming, sophomore EP, Hungry, High, & Seeing Things, available now on the band’s BandCamp and will be available on all platforms March 26. “High Price (for Peace of Mind)” was shot by 254 Productions in Bowling Green, KY, directed by Brandon Taylor, Lighting with additional photography by Lily Thompson.

Alberto Rigoni’s “For The Love Of Bass” Features All-Star Bass Player Line-up

After the success of his latest prog rock album “Odd Times,” Italian bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (BAD As, Natural Born Machine, The Italians, Vivaldi Metal Project), now releases his 10th solo album. As the title suggests, the instrumentation is exclusively electric bass, spanning ambient, fusion, jazz and new age styles.

EXTINGUISH: No Echo Premieres “Blood Runs Cold” From Sacramento Hardcore Outfit

Having formed in 2017, EXTINGUISH attempts to achieve the darkest/hardest sound they can, merging elements of death metal with the classic 90s hardcore sound. With a style somewhere between the output of death metal greats Obituary and Grave, and hardcore icons Next Step Up and Gut instinct, the band delivers a punishing, metallic attack akin to peers Sunami, Hands Of God, Field Of Flames, and more. In their short time as a band, they’ve played throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area scenes, and now present their debut recorded output.

Rich and vibrant R&B aesthetic from Grace May’s Debut EP

Much like ‘Quiet’, ‘Angel’ sees her channel the same rich and vibrant R&B aesthetic that set her apart from the crowd at the very start. Bringing her smooth and enticing vocals atop a broad and atmospheric production throughout, this new release sets the tone of what we can expect from her upcoming debut EP.

AÏE ! AÏE ! AÏE ! New single with the Swedish folk duo LE LAC LONG 814!

The Swedish folk duo Le Lac Long 814 continues to give life injections to les chansons françaises and has for the last years been highlighted by several international music critics. In January Les chansons francaises au Danemark (DK) selected the duo’s latest single La Casquette as Song of the week – “la chanson de la semaine”, and immediately upon release the English music blog Nordic Music Review this weekend highlighted Le Lac Long 814’s new EP: Aïe ! Aïe ! Aïe !, featuring violins and double bass.

Numb Tongues Drop New Single “Stuck in the Blue”

Numb Tongues is a Toronto-based band that delivers a quirky brand of funky punk. Formed in 2015, the band is fronted by lead singer, lyricist and founding member Jonah Grinberg, who crafts his melodic hooks with a colourful character that only so few stages can contain. Rounding out the lineup is guitarist Tristian Lipton, bassist Max Wilson and drummer Corey Ryan.


Meet Me @ The Altar elaborated, “People are so supportive of us on social media. It’s really cool to see all of the comments and DMs of people who don’t even necessarily listen to punk rock, but they’re just cheering us on. It’s really cool to feel like our music is bringing together people that wouldn’t have been brought together otherwise. We feel lucky to be in this position. In general, we try to be the best role models we could be for our fans.”


Written from the third person’s perspective, “Miseducation” describes the gun violence in the inner cities. In just the last year, Calboy has lost six close friends to gun violence, including KJ Balla. The title of the track comes from the 2020 XXL Freshman inductee’s admiration for Lauryn Hill’s album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and further, the miseducation he experienced growing up with street politics and street justice as a way to resolve conflict.


“You Make It So Easy” is a feel-good song. It’s a look at the things I took comfort in amidst a very different summer.

Something that kept me going was daily walks, trying to find the sun. This particular song takes place at a little park near my home. Myself and the person I love would walk there and lay in the grass and talk it out, laughing and drinking cheap wine.

Artist: Chäud – Track: JEEZ

My name is Chäud (shod) and I’m an artists from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I like to create good vibes / saucy bouncy type music. I been creating different vibes for like 5 years now just to find my sound and now I have finally found it. My influences are Kendrick Lamar, Smino, Bari, Isaiah Rashad…. the list can go on, on that note.

Emi Wes just wants Chicken and Fries

“I wanted it to be possible for young women to be vocally direct and to dream about success, financial stability and material wishes. I’m happy that there’s a shift in time, in that sense, on how women “should” or “shouldn’t” say or behave. It was amazingly liberating for me to list material things that I also have hopes for in the future. In that sense it’s a manifestation.”

The YUTE$ “Bring It Back” Babygrande Records!

The Yutes, the Jamaican-bred brother duo comprised of Chris NI and Santris, distill varying influences – including trap, reggae, and dancehall – to formulate a distinct style that pushes the creative envelope. Continuing that boundary-pushing mindset, The Yutes return with their new single, “Bring It Back.”

Dezi Music Drops EP “How To Leave A Lover”

Dezi’s debut EP “How to Leave a Lover” combines RnB-forward pop production with candid, soulful lyrics that offer a glimpse into the heart and mind of the artist during a painful breakup.

In ‘How To Leave a Lover” Dezi brings listeners into her world and shows, in no uncertain terms, that even in the darkest of moments, it is possible to find yourself again, tap into vulnerability and find a path forward. Dezi’s music is complex but accessible, giving permission to the listener to join her on her journey and simultaneously see themselves in her lyrics.

After years of working as a songwriter helping elevate other artists, Dezi has leaned into her own strength. This is only the beginning.