Today, the burgeoning genre-blending Jamaican upstart Jaz Elise releases the video for her latest single “Radio” off her debut EP The Golden Hour, out now via In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records.

Jaz speaks on the inspiration behind the song. “Sometimes during this time period when we can’t be around someone who we have that emotional or intimate connection with, it can be frustrating. “Radio” was my way of channeling those feelings. When push comes to shove we have to just let people know how we feel and what we want. It’s a fun and freeing song.”

Watch “Radio” visual (directed by Shane Creative from Wikid Media):

Jaz Elise explains the deeper meaning behind The Golden Hour. “Photographers speak of this peak, magical moment at sunrise and sunset where the sun casts a golden hue in the sky. Almost like earth and sky is just washed in this mood and feeling- this magic. This is known as the golden hour. The feelings and emotions that manifest for me when I’m looking at the sky during the golden hour is how I feel when listening to this EP and I want people to feel when listening to this body of work. To me it’s like this beautiful collection of feelings and moments. A mood, a meditation, a reflection and a vibe all in one. I have put my all in it. My dreams, my hopes, my feelings, my experiences, my vulnerabilities, my pain. Everything. I am looking forward to sharing these feelings and stories with people. You’re gonna hear the most personal music so far from me and none of it was possible without the other creative hands that came together to make this project possible.”