Animai takes her deepest emotional dive yet with new track ‘ISLAND’

No (wo)man is an island but somehow Animai finds brilliance when deserted.

Her 3rd self release since 2020 does not disappoint. A homecoming of sorts, Animai revisits her 140 roots, with a nod to Zero 7. This time her lone production, arrangement and lyrics promise to lull the listener into serenity. A perfect soundtrack to your morning meditation or after a stressful day.

She says “I wanted the production to match the emotional intention, but slowly the track turned into a paradox (calm music with turbulent lyrics) which I actually prefer, in fact the track really calms me down” She laughs with a surprised tone “I’ve accidentally written my own personal lullaby”.

Created by slicing up and layering her voice to make a vocal pad with an off beat harp pattern, there is a sense of uncertainty that only makes the calm even more compelling when it arrives.