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Cadence Weapon announces ‘Parallel World’ LP, “SENNA” feat. Jacques Greene out today; Album out 4/30 on eOne Music

Cadence Weapon, the moniker of Toronto-based rapper, producer, writer and poet Rollie Pemberton, is back a blistering new LP Parallel World, out April 30th via eOne Music.


“umru and I went into the studio and he pulled up some snares that shattered my brain,” MELVV shared. “About an hour later we had the full chorus idea for ‘Ready or Not.’ Terror Jr. worked their magic a few weeks later, then I sat with it for a bit. The song made me feel like I was going on some sort of safari, so I came up with an atmospheric marimba post-chorus inspired by that energy, and everything fell into place.”

MELVV – Ready or Not (feat. Terror Jr & umru) from popheads

Rudy Touzet “Fatal Attraction” Acoustic Video

With catchy lyrics, danceable songs, and a growing fanbase, the 21-year-old Miami-born Cuban/American singer has all of the makings of a pop act to watch. Over the past year, Rudy has released three singles with producers Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay who he met at Charlie Walk’s Music Mastery Studios that have amassed almost one million views and 30K monthly listeners on Spotify with intentions set to evoke pure emotion from his listeners with every release.

Stoner Control Unveil New Single from Upcoming LP

On Sparkle Endlessly (out on the Sound Judgement imprint), Stoner Control sound like themselves. This is a feat achieved by virtue of the trio honing their skills as individual songwriters and musicians and as a working group. Singer/guitarist Charley Williams, singer/bassist Sam Greenspan and drummer Mike Cathcart, are each diligent students of their craft.

IONOPHORE: CVLT Nation Premieres “Take Its Course” Video

With its members hailing from both Oakland, California and London, UK, IONOPHORE is the project of multi-instrumentalists Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Fyrhtu, Terebellum), Janek Hendrich (Qepe, Not Quite So, Betterthief), and Ryan Honaker (Souls And Cities, Betterthief). Formed in 2012, the trio continues to weave their trademark cinematic dark electronics and organic elements, melding the orchestral strings of Honaker with the horns and voice of Abdul-Rauf, embellished with the electronic flourishes of Hendrich.

Experience the Experimental Cinematic Sounds of IONOPHORE “Take Its Course”


Never ones to slow down and fresh off a massive year that’s only seen their production stock rise, the internationally acclaimed EDM titans Cash Cash have now assembled a star-studded trifecta of talent for their latest single, “Too Late.” Out today through Big Beat Records, “Too Late” is a sentimental, emotional anthem that pairs Cash Cash’s always-thrilling, hook-laden production with vocal contributions from hip-hop icon Wiz Khalifa and the GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Lukas Graham. Released alongside its official music video that’ll tug on your heartstrings, “Too Late” is a compelling single featuring undeniable, earnest verses from Wiz Khalifa and an enduring chorus thanks to Lukas Graham’s dynamic, soaring vocals.

YUNGBLUD Soundtracks NASA’s Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars with Cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”

YUNGBLUD’s cover of the classic David Bowie song “Life on Mars?” was heard on NASA live streams shortly after the Perseverance Mars Rover touched down on the Red Planet. The David Bowie Estate offered the song to celebrate this monumental event. YUNGBLUD performed “Life on Mars?” during last month’s “A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day!” concert produced by Mike Garson and Rolling Live Studios.

Garage Rock Trio CROCODYLE Drop New Track and Video, Produced by Cage The Elephant’s Lincoln Parish

“Whoever makes you feel like the coolest version of yourself, whoever is the easiest to laugh with, whoever feels best by your side. It’s nice to have somebody who you know you can run to when nobody else makes sense, and ‘Passenger Seat’ is a rocker dedicated to whoever that is for you.”

William Fitzsimmons Shares Details Of Forthcoming Album ‘Ready The Astronaut’ (Out June 25)       

“I’ve always been fascinated by the astronaut thing,” he says. “When I was a kid, the idea of escaping my situation was attractive. Having disabled parents, being fat, being a band nerd, and made fun of on the bus every morning…I wanted to escape the corporeal realm, to escape my body and my family. The farthest you can get is putting on a spacesuit and getting the hell out of Dodge. Somewhere that was always in the back of my head. And at that moment in Nashville, at 41 years old and already through one divorce, I had thought this was the relationship that was gonna fix everything. And all of a sudden everything was happening all over again; I was right back to where I started, again. That was an overwhelmingly bad feeling and I just wanted to escape. The album was born out of wanting to not have to live over the same mistakes that I had made so many times already.”

Leon III shares new song “Skeletal Pines”

The new album showcases the extreme depth and the genius musicianship that this project holds. MxDwn calls the album an “expansive, genre-bending new sound.” This holistic album is by definition a genre-less compilation that provokes the imagination and exploratory senses of its listener.

Leon III, The TVD First Date and Premiere, “Skeletal Pines”


The historic city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has another star on the rise. 17-year-old rapper, BWay Yungy is Baton Rouge’s next big thing, releasing his debut mixtape today, Dark Hearted. The 9-track tape is aptly named, speaking to not only the rapper’s personal sentiment but describing a feeling that most around the world can relate to while adjusting to the pandemic.

John Driskell Hopkins Shares ‘Lonesome High’ Album

John Driskell Hopkins today shares his Lonesome High album. The album features the previously released singles, “Lonesome High” ft. Coy Bowles, “Missing You All, All The Time”, and “I Hate To See Good Whiskey Go To Waste” alongside nine other cuts that reflect Hopkins’ deep investment in the craft of songwriting.

World Renowned Platinum DJ Dzeko Takes Tyler Shaw’s “When You’re Home” To New Heights In New House Remix

“When I first heard ‘When You’re Home’ I instantly had an idea to do a remix to it.” says Dzeko on its inspiration, “This remix will give you a completely different take on the song with a more melodic house feel to it.” Tyler Shaw adds, “Dzeko is such an immense talent and I love his vibe so I knew he would bring the right energy to this. I knew I could trust him with remixing it.”

Posthumous Tony Joe White Album, Smoke from the Chimney, Set For May 7th Release With Easy Eye Sound

On May 7th, Smoke from the Chimney, nine-song album of never-before-heard Tony Joe White tunes, will be released on Easy Eye Sound. Produced by Dan Auerbach and rounded out by Nashville’s most seasoned studio musicians, Smoke from the Chimney started out as a number of unadorned voice and guitar demos from White’s home studio before being transformed into full band arrangements harkening back to the albums he recorded in the late 60s and early 70s in Nashville and Muscle Shoals—just as he was emerging as an internationally recognized songwriter and recording artist.

L.L.A.M.A makes his debut with single “Shake,” featuring NE-YO and Carmen DeLeon

L.L.A.M.A, whose name is an acronym for Love, Laughter And Music Always, is a global citizen. Originally from the Andean region of South America, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making music that makes people happy. On signing with Astralwerks L.L.A.M.A says, “It feels incredible to be on such a legendary label. I’m constantly inspired by all of the artists on its roster. If I can make at least one person happy then my mission here is complete. The world needs a lift, and I’m up for being a part of that.”

Bobby Parent – New Single ‘Dogs’

There’s a Dire Straits rock and roll feel to my new single, “Dogs,” inspired as I was recovering from alcoholism and looking after a friend of mine’s house in the suburbs of Ottawa.

I was in the process of writing songs more as a method of healing than anything else, trying to rewire my brain toward more compassion, empathy, and forgiveness! I hit the lick on my guitar that opens the song and the rest just flowed very easily. It was written all in one day. The song is partly an observation of those suburbs, but mostly a message on a need to reconcile my life as being an outsider in the throes of alcoholism to one integrating into the more normal and average aspects of society. I share more about my journey in sobriety on my website, and how it contributed to building my upcoming Real Love EP.


Today, vocal quintet Citizen Queen release their second original song “No Ego,” an infectious, attitude-driven, empowered bop via RCA Records. Working with some of the hottest writers and producers in the industry, “No Ego” is written by pop maverick Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber) and Grammy-Award winning female hit-making duo NOVA WAV (Beyoncé, Ariana Grande). The track is produced by NOVA WAV.

Band Of Silver Release Lyric Video for New Single “Are We Are We Not”

Rising pop-rock band, Band Of Silver, have released an official lyric video for their new single “Are We Are We Not.” “‘Are We Are We Not’ is about the tension between two people trying to figure out if they should be more than just friends,” shares vocalist Avery Silvernagel. “This song is essentially a prequel to our track ‘Closure,’ despite being written after that relationship ended. It’s the words you wish you could cut loose and tell your crush, but you’re both too uncertain to say. Now you have a song you can play for that person instead.”

St. Louis Rapper JayBaby TheGreaty Drops “Do She”

St. Louis native JayBaby TheGreaty is one of the most sonically dynamic, versatile, up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the game. Growing up, he got to experience his mother, Penelope Jones’ success. Apart from being a St. Lunatics collaborator, the Motown Records star established herself as the first St. Louis female artist to sign a solo major record deal. She passed on a groundbreaking musical legacy, which with the charisma and presence of Michael Jackson, competitive edge of Michael Jordan, and discipline of Bruce Lee, TheGreaty continues to build today.

OUT TODAY /// Oscar Scheller’s New Album “Boys Cry”

Today Londoner Oscar Scheller is in exemplary form as he releases his third studio album “Boys Cry”. All songs were written & produced by himself, with only Katie Gavin of MUNA lending her voice on track “I’m Enough.”

Further The Lion Drop New Track “It’s So Good”

New single, “It’s So Good,” is uplifting in both the lyrics/riffs and gives the trio that feel-good vibe to help set the mood for their forthcoming EP. It’s not about how many times you fall – it’s about getting up and succeeding in spite of the bullshit.

Hoorsees Share Self-Titled Debut LP Via Kanine Records

The Hoorsees album is a showcase of shimmering “mid-fi” guitar pop that blends lush melodies with the laidback flavor of 90s slacker rock. In these nine tracks, singer/songwriter Alex Delamard delivers wry lyrics that equally scorn himself, those around him, and the situations he finds himself. These weary dispatches are delivered in songs with names like “Fuckhead”, “Give It Up” and “Get Tired”. Despite the pervasive melancholy that is woven throughout the songs within Hoorsees, it would be wrong to consider this a “downer” record. The songs are lifted way above their weighty topics by the crystalline guitar lines of Thomas Gachod and the bright airiness of bassist Zoé Gilbert’s voice. Behind this, Nicolas Conte’s gently insistent drumming locks in with Gilbert’s playing to produce a driving backbeat that builds the group’s music into a wave of sound.

Brooklyn psych rockers Acid Dad announce new album; share single & video

“‘RC Driver’ is about how I wish I raced cars for a living,” says Acid Dad’s Vaughn Hunt. “All I wanna do is go fast and do stunts. I grew up near a lake, so jet skis are the next closest thing. Ain’t nothing like rippin’ a supercharged Sea-Doo going 90mph on pure glass, baby.

Acid Dad Announce New LP “Take It From the Dead” with Homage to Sea-Doos “RC Driver”


Out Now: Rare Americans launch animated video for new single “Brittle Bones Nicky 2”

Rare Americans always put their message and their subscribers first. Today, after thousands of requests across their channels, the Vancouver punks partner up with Toronto-based studio Solis Animation to deliver yet another profound audiovisual for new single “Brittle Bones Nicky 2” – the sequel to fan-favorite and JUNO-award winning release “Brittle Bones Nicky” out now.

Left Field Messiah (Hot Hot Heat/Fitz & The Tantrums) Share “Young” Via Hollywood Life, Video Via Glide, ‘In Praise of Bombast’ Out July 23 On Riptide

Today, Left Field Messiah share “Young Libertine,” the latest single off of their upcoming debut LP. Hollywood Life premiered the song, praising it as a “a slice of colorful, sunny alt-pop in a track that’s 100% pure fun from start to finish.” The music video for “Young Libertine” premiered at Glide, praising how the project “covers the blue-eyed soul alt pop spectrum.” Left Field Messiah’s upcoming debut album, In Praise of Bombast, is due out July 23rd on Riptide.

Left Field Messiah Blend Hip-Hop and 80s Pop To Create ‘A New Shade’ Of Groove On ‘Young Libertine’

Yo Kinky share dark and seductive new single “Wire;” premiered exclusively with ‘Under The Radar’

Ridgewood, Queens, indie rock/post-pop group Yo Kinky share their third single, “Wire,” which finds the duo, Laura Wight and Tom Unish, layering minimalist grooves in a dark and seductive setting. The song starts off with a driving beat followed by a repeating guitar motif that pushes forth until the bass fills out the sound with its own recurring pattern. As the Roland MC-202 taps a Morse code-style pattern, Wight discloses, “Anyone can tell I’m in line with the wire/Anyone can tell I’m aligned with the truth.” Saturated in upward portamentos, elasticity, and desire, Wight’s distinct delivery slides her voice into the warm space, claiming control. As the song jolts forward, dissonant melodies join the atmosphere as it propels toward an expansive synth climax.


“Horace Grant” reaffirms BlueBucksClan’s remarkable chemistry. They trade straight-faced bars like basketball teammates running a fastbreak, often no-look passing the mic for one line at a time. Backed by piano keys and crashing percussion, the duo rap about the extravagance and romance their growing success affords them. After they trade countless rhymes, DJ closes the track by referencing the bespectacled NBA legend who gives the song its name: “BucksClan we can’t lose, I’m the quarterback / Gabbana frames on my face, feel like Horace Grant.”

Bay Area singer/songwriter Kelly McFarling shares gorgeous Super 8 visual for “North Decatur” with Northern Transmissions, new LP blends folk, rock, alt-country; ‘Deep The Habit’ LP out 3/12/21

Kelly McFarling, an Atlanta born, Bay Area based singer songwriter, is a musician who makes songs for long drives and fault lines. McFarling gives weight to wistfulness, traverses landscapes and mythologies, and renders the small and ordinary in ultra-vivid color. With a sound that moves between folk, rock, and alt-country, McFarling’s vocals are the constant: warm, assured, often breathtakingly strong. Today she shares the stunning Super 8 visual for “North Decatur” with Northern Transmissions.

Kelly McFarling Debuts “North Decatur” Video

New Therapeutic Single from Qatari Producer A.M.R – “Portrait of You” Out Feb 19

Electronic producer and audio engineer A.M.R returns to Monstercat Silk today, with his therapeutic new single, “Portrait Of You.” The Qatar native finds influences in melodic compositions and emotive soundscapes, resulting in an organic house track both parts cinematic and transportive.


“‘Hide & Seek’ is about a failing relationship, and it’s pretty much dead, and as a last-ditch effort you’re asking, ‘How much effort do you really want to put into this?'” Catie shared. “Side note, because of the pandemic I recorded all the vocals in my bedroom and I’m super happy with how it came out.”

OMB PEEZY Releases Poetic New Single + Video For “LOVE IS BLIND” 

When asked about the single Peezy states “Love is Blind is one of my favorite songs on the whole album. Only because coming into the industry it wasn’t easy for me to open up about personal situations. But when I play it back I realize how much I’ve grown with my music. I touch on topics that I wouldn’t even bring up in a one on one conversation. I know I’m gonna help somebody get through what they are going through by speaking on what I’ve went through.”


“Nobody”, which was released on October 30th, 2020, spent 5 consecutive weeks at #1 on US Dance Radio and has amassed nearly 25 million streams to date.

The official music video is directed by Brooke James who has previously worked with artists such as Troye Sivan, Fletcher, Iggy Azalea and created digital content and artwork for Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat.

Astrachan Shares New Single + Video “Scandal” | Self-Titled, Debut Album Out 5/7

“Scandal” is an homage to George Harrison that blooms with vintage indie-psych-folk layers. Its vitality and bounce are owed to Ryan Gebhardt of the band Stanley, who tracked bass with his magic fingers.

God Of Nothing Announce Upcoming Album with New Single “Locust”

To accompany the announcement, a brand new song titled “Locust” is available now. Featuring Vocalist Adam Mercer of A Wake In Providence. All pre-orders include 3 instant downloads of already released tracks “Burn” and “Sledge” as well!