How to choose the best-LED flashlights?

Many people can easily access flashlights through their smartphones. Besides it, headlamps are gained popularity but still, the charm of LED flashlights is there. This is mainly because Led lights have a large beam of light, high brightness, long battery life, less consumption of power, and small size. There are 1000 Lumen LED lights available on market but if you have confused about how to choose the best then you come to on right page as in this article we will come to know the few important factors of choosing the bestLED flashlights.

  • Working criteria of LED flashlights
  • Type of bulbs
  • Which type of battery is used in LED flashlights
  • Quality of material
  • Types of mode
  • Size and weight

Working criteria of LED flashlights

The overall working criteria of LED flashlight include light output, the beam of light, and resistance. Before purchasing any flashlight check the intensity of light energy by keeping the power mode on the high button. Mainly it ranges from 20 lumens to 3500 lumens. Also check the beam of light and its type whether it is fixed, focus, or adjustable. Water and impact resistance also counts for the bestLED flashlight.

Type of bulbs

LED light bulbs in flashlights give more energy power, brightness, running time, and resistance. However other types of bulblike krypton bulbs are still used in few flashlights but for sure they are less valuable than LED bulbs.

Which type of battery is used in LED flashlights

Another important factor while choosing an LED flashlight is to check its battery life properly. There are two types of batteries used in flashlights that is rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can charge again and again by plugging in the USB cable in the built-in charge port in such flashlights. On the other hand, disposable batteries can be replaced by a new ones.

Quality of material

The quality material of flashlights also counts as the important factor while choosing it. Mostly we find flashlights body made up of either aluminum alloy or plastic. The advanced feature of the LED flashlight includes the coverage of stainless steel in the head to improve the impact resistance of the flashlight. Shape vise most of the flashlights come in a cylindrical shape.

Types of mode

Mainly flashlights come in 3 or more modes like low, medium, high, and very high. At one time you can use only one mode but having the other options as well counts the important factor of the LED flashlights. The more advanced features of modes added strobe or SOS in some flashlights model. But one drawback is when you opt to choose high mode then running time will decrease.

Size and weight

LED flashlights to come in various sizes and weights. You can find the small size, medium-size and large size easily from the market. You can purchase it according to your needs whether you use it for an occasion or any other purpose. But mainly the larger size of flashlights have the best battery capacity which extends its running time.