NEW VIDEO: Hedda Mae’s homage to Britney, Xtina, Avril, N*Sync and more

Not resting on the success of her brilliant disco-pop EP Introducing: Hedda Mae, Bergen’s pop starlet Hedda Mae recently released her new single, the 90s and 00s pop-channeling “Take It Or Leave It”. The track now has a stunning clip which shows off all Hedda’s influences by combining her favourite videos from the era.

In the clip made by Brusjan Films, Hedda Mae becomes Britney Spears in the “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic” videos, Eminem in “My Name Is”, N*Sync in “Bye Bye Bye” and Christina Aguilera from Moulin Rouge – now reimagined as Mae-lin Rouge. It’s incredibly made and combined with the brilliance of Hedda’s song it’s 100% pop fun.

“I came to this in a brainstorming session with Brusjan,” says Hedda. “The vast majority of the references are taken from artists and songs that I grew up with, and thus have a special relationship with. We picked out scenes we were going to recreate from videos and songs that in my eyes are iconic, and most of the references were a no-brainer for me!”

Øivind Bolstad, MD at Brusjan adds: “N*Sync’s ‘Bye Bye Bye’ was our favourite to recreate. The whole process wasn’t exactly difficult but it was extremely time-consuming – the rendering time for each of the scenes was up to 16 hours!”