The top tips for Instagram automation

Instagram automation can help you grow your follower count. You can remove ghost followers too. For more info see this.

The good part about Instagram is that you just need to spend time on the platform and interact with other accounts in any way, form, or shape to create more engagement.

If you don’t have enough time to carry out the various activities on Instagram, the best way is to automate your Instagram account without running the risk of being considered as having followers. This post explains some of the tips for Instagram automation.

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You can use proxies

There is a good chance that you may be running multiple Instagram accounts, so make sure that you use Instagram proxies. Many people claim that they can run more than three accounts using the same IP address, but this brings various issues with Instagram. Even if you get all these accounts up and running, there is a risk that Instagram can log you out or even ask you to verify your phone number many times.

Therefore, you can prevent running into such problems by getting proxies. The ideal way is to get residential proxies since the IPs you give come from real-life gadgets and there is no way Instagram can identify that there is something suspicious.

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Mimic human behavior

Your Instagram bot should always give off that human behavior. Because no person can post 24/7, make sure that your bot shouldn’t be posting throughout the day.

Your Instagram automation mustn’t show that you’re utilizing an Instagram bot. Hence, you need to set aside some realistic sleeping time to make sure your account is not active for at least 6 hours.

That said, you should also limit the number of likes, comments, and follows. An average person shouldn’t make more than 150 likes, 60 follows or unfollows, or 60 comments per hour. So if you get more than these numbers, Instagram can flag you as spam.

Avoid common mistakes

If there are a couple of things that appear suspicious to a normal user, then Instagram can be onto you quickly. Hence, you need to avoid doing the following:

Little to no photos

Instagram is known to be mainly a photo-sharing platform. Therefore, if you only have 5 photos and 10k followers, there is a good chance that Instagram might find it weird.

Random letter in your username

If you have random numbers in your username, it can be a red flag and Instagram can notice it. So try to avoid such number combos in your username.

Also, you should use a real phone number or email address in your account. With an increase in fake accounts, Instagram now likes to log you out and they may ask you to verify your phone number.

Avoid automating DMs

Automating DMs might look appealing at first, but it can have bad consequences. Many people don’t like to receive messages to thank them for the following, so you can rest assured that automating DMs can look like spam. Instead, you can use Instagram like bot as it’s safe to use. The good thing is that the like bots are considered to be non-intrusive.