New Single By John Vento “Not Your Kinda Man”

A foot stomping piece of splendor, John Vento goes for a great, rich communal spirit on the powerful “Not Your Kinda Man”. Everything here has an immediacy to it one that feels rather righteous while the whole of the track unfurls in a splendor, full of vibrant color and texture. Melodies have their own timelessness to them, for the way that the group lets the rhythms grow adds to their captivating quality. So many different layers merge into one, but right in the very core of the sound comes those vocals. Incredible in their delivery, the vocals recall the tale of an entire life lived and loved to the absolute fullest.

Right from the get-go, the sense of purpose becomes crystal clear. The tempo rolls on through in a way that feels masterful. Drawing from a classic spirit, they never let the thing slow down, but rather have an almost celebratory cadence to them. No mood for contemplation, this is one that finds joy in the many wonderful moments that define and make up a life. Everything about it draws the listener in from their undeniably strong delivery to how it all settles in gorgeous bursts of pure color. All of it comes together for the final stretch where they truly let loose, becoming completely and fully carefree.

“Not Your Kinda Man” revels in the power of togetherness, proving John Vento to be a masterful builder of sound.