What states are people moving out of and into in the USA post pandemic:

After the COVID-19 pandemic there have been a number of people that are making moves outside of their typical comfort zone with their city of choice. Many people are being drawn to areas with lower populations especially after seeing the effects of the pandemic in cities like New York. Post pandemic is likely that were going to see a number of moving companies seeing a large amount of business. But knowing where the next big hotspot may be could require some soul searching. Here are some of the top locations that people are moving to post pandemic.


The city of Austin has become one of the most popular new places to live in America followed by Phoenix Arizona and Tampa. People are interested in moving to these less dense areas to take some time to unwind. Cities like Austin or allowing people to better chase their passions and to spend less time commuting as you will see on this website. Many people interested in enjoying more of a country atmosphere are able to find a time to do it they care about most and to finally start relaxing even in their busy professional lives. People are ready to start chasing what makes them feel special and Texas is the perfect place to do it.


Porter has a series of tax incentives that are making it one of the most popular choices for many people that are used to living in states like California. People from the West are now moving over to the east and relocating major headquarters as well. Software giants like Oracle Corp. are moving into Texas and companies like Goldman Sachs are now moving their way into a Florida hub creating countless jobs. Making that move from New York involves down south now looks more attractive than ever before with the amount of opportunities that are available to people living in the state of Florida and the various tax incentives that they can qualify for. Be sure to do your research and learn more


Scottsdale Arizona is a new hot spot for many people working in clean energy. The weather is great and there’s lowered income taxes as well as a lower cost-of-living. Arizona parks present an excellent chance for day trips and for many people that have tired of living in the city, having the option of a country stroll makes Arizona a very attractive choice.


For its country appeal and beautiful views, Maine is also becoming a popular state for many people leaving New York. Although it’s not bustling with the same business opportunities, Maine is an excellent place to relax and unwind and spend some time in a smaller city with a quieter lifestyle. Maine is set to be one of the top spots to move post COVID.

If you are interested in getting out of your current location post COVID these are a few top states across the USA that are seeing a massive amount of new people coming in even throughout the pandemic. It will be interesting to see how these trends change as we see vaccinations rise and more people starting to move out of populated urban centers.