Research finds the top 21 gambling movies of all time

There just appears to be something about gambling movies that have a hook to them. With so many different ones to choose from, finding one that matches your tastes can often be a tricky task.

Also, not everyone likes the same things and while some people rank their favourite gambling movie on a number of different variables, there are a couple though, that clearly lead the way.

Finding one that has everything that you are looking for can be a hard undertaking, though there are some out there.

In addition to this, there may also be a few very good ones that you may not even have heard of, yet if you give them a chance, might turn out to be to your liking. This could especially be the case for less well-known titles.

Data-led survey results in accurate new discovery

Online gambling comparison site New Casino Sites found in a recent and comprehensive study, the top 21 gambling movies of all time, using mathematical analysis based on precise statistics and the findings certainly inspire intrigue.

Using two industry sources, they were able to rank every gambling-themed movie based on an overall calculated percentage that combined data from each one and there were some interesting findings.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating findings was that the range between first place and 21st from the overall percentages was only 35.5, with this figure being a narrow eight for the top 10, which indicates very fine margins. Indeed, the top three were only separated by 2.5 percent.

Which movies featured in the results?

No doubt what you are wanting to know – it might not come as much of a surprise when you consider all of the different variables, including obvious attractions, is that Casino Royale topped the list, coming in at 87.5 percent.

As perhaps could be expected, the 1995 classic, Casino also figured, with a score of 80.50 percent in fifth – perhaps a surprising four percent deficit to fourth placed Croupier, which was released three years later.

Perhaps more for its comedy value, The Hangover, which was released in 2009 and stars Bradley Cooper was ranked in a respectable 13th place with an overall percentage of 77.50, while 1965 flick, The Cincinnati Kid, starring an irrepressible Steve McQueen ranking in 10th, gaining a combined score of 79 percent.

Are there any talking points?

It could be argued that, because it was based on a true story, the movie which ranked 21st – fitting perhaps only on its name; 21 may come as somewhat as a surprise. Even more so when you consider that Kevin Spacey played the lead role. Based on a group of MIT students and lecturers whose card counting skills fleeced Las Vegas of millions, it could be deemed as a surprise that this only scored an overall ranking of 51.50 percent.

What is also interesting is that four out of the top five movies (second to fifth) were all released before 2000, though that is also something that could spark debate when you consider that Casino Royale which came in at first place was actually a remake of the original which was released in 1967 as somewhat as a ‘spin-off’.