Live Virtual Concert by Canadian-pop artist Vicki Lovelee

The year 2020 came to a tumultuous end and the start of 2021 has us hopeful for improvement, but still seems a long way off. We’re still gripped by the pandemic and touring may only come back closer to the end of the year in the fall. It’s hard to believe that in just a few months, it would be a year since the start of the pandemic that threw our lives in a complete disarray.

For us avid fans of live shows, it’s been especially difficult finding that cure to not being able to go see live shows. And for artists especially, it’s been an excruciating year with all the venues shut down until further notice, and not being able to perform live to their fans. It’s forced the music industry to reshape itself and artists to reinvent themselves with ways to entice fans with new music, but live-touring may never be the same again as we settle into a new norm for our daily lives.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope for touring, and that’s with the emergence of virtual concert in the digital age. Usually that’s been something reserved for major acts, but Canadian-pop artist Vicki Lovelee exemplifies the power of creativity and imagination with her Live Virtual Concert that went live last night with massive success.


Chinese-Canadian pop singer-songwriter Vicki Lovelee cleverly combines storytelling lyrics with strong, artistic visuals in a moody, yet theatrical fashion. Her songs showcase a range of different emotions and stories, reflecting the multiple facets of her own self as an artist. Her strong, bright vocals and vulnerable lyrics contrast, and yet compliment her triumphant melodies to reflect her own struggles that transform into self-growth.

From struggling with mental health to not feeling accepted and falling in love, Vicki writes about different life experiences that is unique to her own story, all the while keeping it relatable to fans worldwide. Her introspective lyrics will leave listeners eager to know how the story ends.