What Exactly Does Your Vaping Juice Contain

A decade back, all we had were cigarettes, and people did not have any alternative to them. However, with time the vaping industry became prominent, and many people are now ardent fans of the same. The vaping industry thus is now proceeding at a fast pace and the growth seen is exponential.

However, there are still many doubts about the content of the e-liquids used. To debunk any kind of negative feelings, here we tell you what precisely the vaping juice contains.

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Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is an essential ingredient used in vaping juice. Also known as PG, its purpose is to simplify the vaporization process while vaping. Apart from that, when you inhale the e-liquid, you get a smoking kind of sensation.

The PG is responsible for creating that kind of experience. It enhances the flavor, and you feel satisfied after vaping. Indejuice has loads of flavors and matches the quality of e- liquids to provide you with the best options.

Vegetable Glycerine

Also known as VG, this is the compound that helps in the formation of cloud vapors. This is added to the juice to give a boost to the vapor production. It also takes care that you feel a smooth hit when the vapor reaches your throat and helps you feel a tinge of sweetness as you intake the same.


The presence of nicotine is dependent on the type of e-liquids you are using. Some of the e-liquids have nicotine, while others want. It is entirely your choice which one you want. Even if you choose one with nicotine, the percentage can never be more than 2.4%. Moreover, if you have a preference for vapor strength, then you can choose a nicotine level.


The taste of these vape juices is altered using artificial flavors. If you have any taste choice, you will know which e-liquid to pick. Most prominent among the flavors is Vanillin. This is a combination of vanilla flavor extracted from vanilla beans.

Next is the tobacco absolute flavor that gives a smoky component to the juices. Though you are not consuming tobacco, you still get the same feel.

You could also opt for the Linalool flavor. You will find it in many plants and flowers. It is mostly preferred when you want an herbal flavor to your vape juice.

Ethyl Maltol is the flavor you want in sweets and candies. It produces a sweet bakery-like flavor and is loved by those who have a sweet tooth.

Last is Malic acid, which adds a sour and fruity flavor to the vape juice. Malic acid is a common ingredient in fruits and vegetables.


Vaping is an excellent option if a person wants to quit smoking and is unable to do so. Before starting, though, you should know what is present in the vaping juices. It is better to get a fair idea so that you don’t feel any harmful impact later on.

Mostly there is nothing dangerous in vape juices. Plus, you get a wide variety of flavors so that you can experiment until you find the best one.