Services That Are Offered By The Online SEO Services Providers

Online website owners are always willing to know what is new in SEO and what services they can expect from their Auckland SEO Services Their expectations are also not wrong, as there are many updates from Google. They keep on making the changes according to which the SEO of the website is to be done.

According to these changes, online websites and businesses think that will all these services be provided by the SEO company. 

So, that is why to clear all the website owners’ mindset, here is the list of services that one can expect. 

Research and auditing of the website

The SEO company’s first task is that they cross-check the website properly by seeing the website and the detailing aspects covered by the SEO tool.

Some of the points that are added to the negative report of the website are:-

The very first task is the formatting of the website. 

The next is the proper analysis of the content and see whether one is performing well and impacting the rating of Google negatively. Based on this, one can always define when and which content they have to post and which one to ban from the website. 

After that, the SEO company sees whether you have connected the website with all of your social media platforms or not. If not done, they will suggest you that do it as soon as possible to grow organically. 

After that, the detailing of the customer and their behavior is noticed. It is a very important aspect that we need to study if we are looking for growth.

Helps in checking the technical aspects 

After the website’s report formation, the next task that one company will cover is to check all the website’s technical aspects. Sometimes people consider it in the website’s auditing, but some companies provide it as a different service.

  • The very first technicality that is tested is the speed of the loading of the website. They try to load the website on a standard speed, and then, according to the website’s performance, they will see whether the speed needs more optimization. 
  • The need technical aspect is checking the compatibility of the website with a mobile phone. More than 70 percent of people use a mobile phone as it is convenient for general searching on the internet. That is why it is very important that all the websites you form need to be optimized for the mobile phone; otherwise, people will jump off in a huge amount, and the ranking decrease. 
  • The final conceit is the application of an SSL certificate. It is a general security certificate that certifies that you provide any information related to your payment detail or personal details, then it will be safe on the website. This is the criteria for people figuring out whether they will be should buy from the website or not. 

It tells a person whether they are inserting the keyword right or not

Every person who goes to the online platform gets to know how important a keyword is for the online platform’s growth. Not just inserting it is sufficient, but an efficient insertion is required so that the growing chances increase.

Some points that one need to take care of while inserting the keyword:-

  • It should be an indispensable part of your website’s content, but that does not mean that you go on overcrowding the keyword. You should take care of proper spacing between two keywords and inserted it in a perfect density. 
  • The keyword should be placed in the image and videos, increasing the chances of catching the keyword by the crawler. 
  • The next is inserting the keywords in the meta descriptions and titles that make it easy for the search console to search for the keyword and your page. 

If you follow all these points of SEO keyword insertion tips that your website will surely grow. 


By now, you must have understood the types of important services that the SEO companies like JustSeo provides. If you feel like you want some additional services, then you can contact the SEO company anytime and ask for customizations in services.