MRE Canada: Other Alternatives to MRE?

Whenever you shop for survival foods, you are bound to stumble upon Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE). As the inspiration behind many freeze-dried and dehydrated food brands, these wet-packed meals hold their own in terms of popularity and recognition. The fact that they come directly from military surplus only adds to their overall credibility.

With that being said, it’s entirely understandable to desire multiple options in your choice of emergency food. For one, knowing about different survival food brands gives you a variety of sources for purchasing these items. Additionally, it lets you enjoy the flexibility to compare different dishes and price points before buying your required products.

Here’s an overview of alternatives to MRE Canada residents can access easily to help you learn about these options. Learning this information helps you make an informed decision and be thoroughly prepared for emergencies and nature trips alike.

First Things First, Learn About Your MRE Canada Options

Before you dive into knowing more about other survival food brands, it’s essential to learn about MRE.

Unlike retail brands, MRE products are produced for the use of military personnel. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, these food items can be consumed on their own without the addition of water.

Due to this wet-packed mechanism, MRE dishes stand apart from the offerings of many other freeze-dried or dehydrated food production brands on this list. It’s only because these brands require water to be added to their products before they can be consumed. Since MRE is free of this requirement, it comes with another level of distinction and holds its own as a more convenient option for a variety of settings.

It’s also important to note that since MRE is originally produced for the military, it is only available through authorized dealers or manufacturers who can sell surplus products to civilians. A prominent example of MRE Canada comes in the form of, which deals in these products in various quantities and packages.

Readywise is Yet Another Popular Brand

Also known as Wise Company, Readywise offers freeze-dried and dehydrated products in the form of various dishes. These items are packaged in separate segments, but they all require water to be added to them to be ready to eat. This requires some preparation from your end, but it’s not an intensive practice and doesn’t turn into a complete cooking regime.

Much like the MRE Canada residents can buy, Readywise products are available in the quantities of larger kits and smaller pouches alike. This aspect ensures you can easily prepare for natural disasters or take these meals with you over short trips. You can purchase these products from the brand’s store or other retailers.

Mountain House is Known for Breakfast Meals

While MRE is exceptional in terms of main meals and offers ample nutrition in each serving, there are times when all you need is a simple bite of breakfast or just the option for a change of taste. That’s where Mountain House can be of help.

Sold through various platforms, the brand’s overall offerings hold a range of various dishes. But it’s breakfast items are especially popular due to their distinct taste and easy preparation. If you want to bring some variety to your emergency foods, getting a few of these dishes with mains from MRE or another brand doesn’t hurt. These meals also need water to be ready.

Augason Farms is Good for Families 

In case you are putting together disaster preparation kits for a large family, you may look into Augason Farms and its range of products. Available through various vendors, these items often come with their bucket-style packaging, with each package comprising multiple dishes. This is similar to the larger packages of MRE Canada.

While these bundles are ideal for larger families, a typical size package can suit a couple’s needs quite easily. This is especially true if you are expecting to survive on emergency food for a long weekend. No matter if you are taking shelter in place or enjoying the outdoors, these food products can brave the conditions with you. With that, they also require water to be consumable.

Peak Refuel Can Be a Viable Option

In case you are looking for further options, Peak Refuel can be of help. With multiple pasta and meat-based dishes, these freeze-dried meals can deliver high-quality products right when you need them the most. Simply add boiling water, and you are good to go. The easy availability at various platforms only adds to the brand’s popularity.

Peak Refuel products are available in multiple sizes. But the 2-serving pouch remains quite popular due to its convenience. Similar to MRE, consuming the product in this form doesn’t require you to repeatedly pull open or reseal a larger bucket full of food. This makes it a highly recommended alternative for many people.

Legacy Premium Food Storage Could Suit Your Needs

For long-term food kits that could be used with or without your MRE Canada supply, you can look into Legacy Premium Food Storage. While the brand offers its food products in multiple packages, it stays true to its name and remains known for its long-term food kits.

These food kits also require water to be ready to consume. However, they remain just as affordable as popular alternatives such as MRE, if not more. These products are especially popular for their large portions, which is one of their most sought after qualities. If serving size is a deciding factor, you should give this brand at least a single try.

While MRE remains the top choice due to its ready-to-eat availability from its packaging, keeping these alternatives in mind gives you some more options to explore.

As long as you pay attention to your taste and nutrition needs, nearly all of these products can fulfill your requirements without any issues. This becomes especially helpful if you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms or if you take regular adventure trips to the great outdoors.