The Significance of Converting Your Electronic Files To PDF

After quite some time, PDFs have become more accessible than their initial phase. People have overcome their usual dilemma of being less-modifiable. Despite being the most convenient file format for sharing and printing, many still do not know how to edit their PDFs using online tools. 

We will be introducing one of the best PDF converters that are ideal for starters and discuss the importance of these PDF conversions. PDFBear is well-known for its quality conversions, versatile functions, and excellent security systems.  

PDFBear: The Best PDF Converter For Starters

In this modern era, where people are used to fast-paced processes and online transactions, most have become impatient and want things to be done instantly. If you are one of them, you need not be shy and deny it, as it is common with the millennial population. PDFBear is what you need if you are searching for a fast online Word to PDF converter.

Aside from its fast-working PDF converter, it is ideal for starters because of its simplicity. Easy to use and free; PDFBear offers free services for starters to better understand its complete functionality. For a broader scope of perks and benefits, you can upgrade to PDFBear PRO and have unlimited access to their PDF conversions and other functions. 

PDFBear’s PDF converter transforms your usual electronic files to the portable document format with quality and precision. Your files’ contents will remain intact and consistent with the way you designed them. On the other hand, it also has more conversion options wherein you can convert your PDFs to their most accessible format! 

The PDF conversion process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is locate your file and drag it to the PDFBear converter dropbox. PDFBear will do the rest as it uploads and automatically converts to your desired format. You then directly save your newly converted file to your disk or share it to your online platforms via URL. 

Significance of PDF Conversion 

The same PDF conversion process applies to these options below. We will discuss the significance of PDF conversion for you to understand the importance of PDFs further. Although it has been famous and well-distributed to the public for decades already, some are still unaware of its full functionalities. 

Word To PDF Conversion

Microsoft Word documents have proven themselves throughout the years. They are the most used file formats for making compositions, curriculum vitae, legal documents, company records, and many more. They are provided with the right set of tools to create proper spacing, indentations, fonts, and appropriate formatting. 

Quite ideal for corporate and formal documents. So why do we need to convert them to PDF? Two primary factors contribute to this decision making—one, file content consistency, and two, more compact file sizing. This pretty much sums up why most professionals prefer to convert their electronic files to PDF. 

Even if you are using an entirely different device, your recipient will receive the exact file once you convert it to PDF. Also, it saves up more space and becomes lighter to upload and share via webmail and social media platforms. Microsoft programs and OS variations will not matter. PDFs are the most versatile file format for your electronic files. 

Excel To PDF Conversion

For many years, most businesses utilize complex formulas and useful cells and codings of Excel spreadsheets. If you only need to submit your Excel file to your recipient for reference purposes, converting it to PDF is the right choice. In PDF form, you can prevent unnecessary alterations. Thus, your cells and formatting will remain consistent. 

However, if you plan to transmit your Excel spreadsheet via e-mail for various edits to the other end, you might want to send it as an Excel file. It will be a lot easier for the receiver to add more figures and data in Excel format. Using PDFBear, you can convert your PDFs to Excel and gain access to these editing tools. 

PowerPoint To PDF Conversion

PowerPoint presentations are widely used in making promotional and marketing presentations. They are also utilized in team meetings and company business plans. Microsoft PowerPoint’s full functionality is not only limited to inserting sound effects, videos, and word arts. It has a complete set of tools for making timed transitions and animations. 

On the other hand, you cannot feel and maximize these transitions when you convert them to PDF. The downside of keeping them as PowerPoint files is they end up as larger files. You’ve probably experienced being unable to upload a presentation via e-mail because of its enormous size. Converting it to PDF is the best option without compromising the content. 

JPG To PDF Conversion

Although JPGs are the most compressed file formats for images, they can also end up as larger files depending on their quality. Especially if you are managing high-definition photos, your JPG’s size can really consume a lot of space. Using PDFBear, you can convert your JPG to PDF within less than fifteen seconds! Conversion speed may vary depending on image size. 

But for photo enthusiasts, these people tend to use PDFs less as they are more particular with detail and quality. They can attain the best photo quality when they use file formats like JPG and PNG. Although PDFs do not compromise the image’s quality, JPGs are more recommendable for people who are keen on editing photos using photoshops. 


The completeness of PDFBear’s converter tool is way beyond expectations. You can check their website to see more conversion options. Also, its functions are not only limited to PDF conversions, but for PDF split, merge, compress, and more!