New Video By Ty Breezzyy “TRUE”

When it comes to writing music, a lot of artists tend to pull from personal experiences. Often, it’s easier to draw from negative memories like a breakup or losing a loved one. Ty Breezzyy takes that approach with his own spin. This up-and-coming hip-hop artist is from the Soundview section of the Bronx, and he recently graduated from Dominican College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. He takes his personal experiences and turns them into a positive life lesson, all while protecting his heart and soul. The new single “TRUE” on his upcoming EP Evolve is the perfect example for that and paints a picture of the ins and outs of a toxic relationship in a new way.

“TRUE” is an upbeat, hip hop track with an intriguing twist. That twist mostly comes from the lyrics. The Bronx native has taken inspiration from everyday life ever since he started. The inspiration for “TRUE” comes from his own personal experience with a toxic relationship. The upbeat tempo and beats mask the real story behind the song. In the song, Ty opens up about how this girl and his music career happened around the same time and how he could’ve chosen her first. But then he starts remembering all the reasons why he’s decided to leave: how she doesn’t listen and how he’s been scared of letting her go when in reality he desperately needs to do. Behind the music, there’s a message to protect your heart and do what you think is best for you and own up to your mistakes – something we can all learn from.

The video for “TRUE” is the perfect visual for this sincere song. Filmed during quarantine, it was a family affair with his dad as the director. The clip starts with Ty Breezzyy leading a girl to a recording session at a studio. The booth is decked out in soft pink light as Ty starts the song. What the girl thinks is a sweet recording for her is actually the total opposite. Instead of having the video in a club setting, Ty wanted the video to be in the studio, telling his girl exactly how he feels about the relationship and bringing the emotional level up a notch. She scrolls through her phone and only paying attention some of the time. Throughout the video, we get clips of Ty standing in front of a white wall as multiple colors and patterns fade in and out. Eventually, the song’s real message becomes clear to the girl, and she gets up and leaves. Ty Breezzyy stays in his own little world for the remainder of the video as he dances to the music and eventually confidently walks off. Ty Breezzyy is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.