Musicians Together Spread Hope With Inspiring Single ‘Christmas of Hope’ By Sasha Lauryn 

It’s safe to say that this Christmas has been a tough one and the need for hope more pressing than ever. Well, luckily for us, a host of highly talented musicians have got together to provide just that. Musicians Together are eight independent artists who have united with the Sweet Charity Choir to create hope in their harmonies and merriment in their melodies. Musicians Together is made up of musical magic of Elyse Aeryn, Michael Parma, Maddisun, Slick Division, ELA, Sam Jefferson, Jenny Deacon and James Millier. Spanning from the UK to Canada, these amazing artists have united to create a Christmas anthem, filled to the brim with overwhelming optimism and stunning spirit. The Sweet Charity Choir is an unbelievably powerful party of voices. The award-winning choir collective have already raised over £54,000 for various charities, and if their phenomenal force in this recent track is anything to go by, that number will be even higher in no time. All the profits from this sensational single go to Help Musicians – the leading charity supporting musicians throughout their career. In a time where many musicians have been left stranded with no support or financial help, this really couldn’t be more important in keeping the vibrant industry thriving.

‘Christmas of Hope’ is the sensational new single from Musicians Together and Sweet Charity Choir. it all started with an inspirational idea moulding in James Millier’s mind to curate a Christmas charity single with several independent artists. Utilising the proficient production skills and never-ending network of producer pal Olli Darffarn, ‘Christmas of Hope’ was born. This is where Sweet Charity Choir come in; Jenny Deacon, the musical director of the captivating choir, was recommended and soon became the key songwriter in the single’s contributors. Scoring the music to accentuate each syllable of James Millier’s heartwarming lyrics, swiftly ‘Christmas of Hope’ blossomed into the beautifully crafted benefit banger we know and love. The song is swimming in the Christmas spirit we’ve all been longing for this year. Citing the importance of love, community and gratitude, ‘Christmas of Hope’ might just be the modern Christmas song we’ve needed to renovate our dated holiday playlists. The Sweet Charity Choir add a stunning soundscape to this song, as the heavenly thick harmony is just completely captivating. Each verse is made vibrant with the various voices of Elyse Aeryn, Michael Parma, Maddisun, Slick Division, ELA, Sam Jefferson, Jenny Deacon and James Millier with each artist adding their sonic speciality into the single. ‘Christmas of Hope’ is the awe-inspiring Christmas anthem appearing at the perfect moment for us all this year; and with the profits going towards a charity aiming to keep musicians going throughout this industry drought, it’s high time to stream ‘Christmas of Hope’. After all, as the track reminds us, this really is the perfect season to show you care.

By Sasha Lauryn

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