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Today, IMHA TARIKAT release the album ‘Sternenberster’

Kerem Yilmaz aka Ruhsuz Cellât comments: “At long last, Sternenberster is unleashed onto the world”, declares IMHA TARIKAT’s mastermind. “This monument of most intense emotions is now free to move your hearts. I welcome you to share this new step on our path with us!”

FORTÍÐ release new album today and win “album of the month” title twice

FORTÍÐ have released their highly praised sixth album, “World Serpent” today, on December 11th. The Icelandic pagan metal duo has been awarded with “album of the month” titles in the current issues of renowned German magazines Metal Hammer and Sonic Seducer among a flood of high grades in reviews across media around the globe. Prophecy Productions congratulates Einar and Kristján on their remarkable success!

Trans Trenderz releases “All On Me”

It’s coming on Christmas. We’re all sitting around in the seclusion of our own homes, enduring the daily barrage of over lush holiday regalia, trying to capture some semblance of spirit, as we watch our account balances dwindle below zero. Whatever. It’s time for a kick in the pants. And I have just the thing: an unbridled salvo of sexual empowerment in the form of Lady Londyn’s “All On Me.”

Not for the faint of heart. But screw your heart. The song, and its accompanying video, that actually kicks off with a warning that it CAN CAUSE SEIZURES, is a queer anthem that speaks to the liberation of trans feminine bodies. It is like nothing you’ve seen in recent memory. Meant to remind womxn that their bodies are theirs to own and be proud of, “All on Me” is a boastful and cocky commentary to what it is to be desired as a Black Trans woman.


Pionero del genero J. Alvarez lanza hoy el tema “Pensaste” junto a uno de los artistas firmado con su disquera “On Top Of The World Music”, Jonna Torres. J. Alvarez ha tenido un 2020 lleno de éxito, música, videos y logros. Con el album El Jonson de 24 temas, el cual los dividió en 2 discos, dejo mucho de que hablar, ya que cada viernes los fanáticos tenían un tema nuevo.

Con este tema titulado “Pensaste” los cantantes le cantan a una mujer que pensó que siempre estaría el allí esperándola, pero se sorprendió cuando se dio cuenta que el ya no estaba interesada en estar junto con ella ya que otra ocupa su lugar. Los temas que compone J. Alvarez siempre se trata de situaciones cotidianas, algo que ha marcado diferencia en su carrera, ya que los seguidores de su música se identifican con las canciones que interpreta.


LAMENT CITYSCAPE: Heavy Industrial/Sludge Collective Shares New Track

Heavy industrial collective Lament Cityscape concludes the year with the EP, The Old Wet. The finale of the conceptual EP trilogy, The Old Wet will be out on the occasion of the winter solstice (December 21st). The previous two chapters of the series — The New Wet and The Pulsing Wet— arrived earlier half of this year. A single concept crosses into all three EPs, each EP representing a stage in transforming oneself into something new. This third chapter accepts and embraces a new form or role, unlike the previous two EPs, which were about fighting against and fearing the inevitable transition.

Premiere: Lament Cityscape ‘Among The Dead’ – New EP ‘The Old Wet’ Drops 21st December

The Late Ones Drop New Video “Troubled Streets”

Lately is aptly titled for The Late Ones who mention, “It’s a name that expresses not only the kind of year we’ve been all going through, but how The Late Ones are feeling in general. The topics we speak on are REAL and need to be addressed.”

New Music Video: Roots of Creation Releases “Standing On The Moon” Music Video Today

The new single was released earlier this year in celebration of Jerry Garcia’s birthday week. Roots of Creation honored the rock legend by performing the new song at the inaugural critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone, live-streamed Dazed Between festival which saw 2.5 million viewers. Dazed Between Festival was a fundraiser for the Grateful Dead’s non-profit the Rex Foundation. “Standing on the Moon” debuted, along with a few other RoC songs, on the festival Spotify curated playlist. Reflecting back, Brett Wilson, founder, guitarist and lead vocalist for Roots of Creations states, “‘Standing on the Moon’ holds a special place in my heart. I always have to choke back tears when I perform it. If I close my eyes when I belt it out I always envision Jerry Garcia standing on the moon looking down at humanity and smiling. If you look closely at the album cover, you might find him doing just that.”


Rising Brooklyn, Caribbean-bred singer / songwriter Alex Mali releases the official visual for “5 Star” from her EP Phenom out now. Keeping the theme of women empowerment anthems that promote standing in power and freedom of expression, this new release is a perfect follow up to the “Fighting Words” visual she dropped last month. “Women are more powerful than ever and we just got the first female VP, who happens to be of color! says Alex. “Women have been challenged for years and our strength and ability to persevere is boundless. This song and video represents that strength. Being aggressive doesn’t make you angry and being emotional doesn’t make you crazy. So I am super excited for this one.”

Out Today from Rare Monk: “Statistic Vandals”

Themes throughout “Statistic Vandals”: “Data collection, aggregation, and application to ad targeting/warrantless surveillance meets a new foe: a madman who intentionally googles things with no purchase intent whatsoever, who follows, then unfollows without cause, who encourage opsec for the heck of it. Destroyer of datasets, forcer of manual outlier removal, analysts shake their fists in fury before existing no more.”

Blue Eyed Giants Release Electric New Single ‘Radio Silence’

Brighton alternative rockers Blue Eyed Giants are premiering a music video for their new single ‘Radio Silence’ via Dreambound–guaranteed to make you dance and head bang both at the same time!

Houdxni “Drippin” New Single!

Playboi Carti Wouldn’t Drop Whole Lotta Red…So Mario Judah Did!

Before he ever dreamed of picking up a mic, Mario Judah was a massive fan of Playboi Carti–he was the user in the comment section of Carti’s SoundCloud uploads, dropping fire emojis and eagerly asking for more. Now that he has a platform following the success of his single “Die Very Rough,” Mario emerges as a champion for the cause of Carti fans across the globe who want nothing more than new music from their favorite artist. As Carti fails to respond to Mario’s social media ultimatum ( “either drop Whole Lotta Red or I’ll drop it for you”), Mario follows through on his promise and delivers Whole Lotta Red, his new album, performed in the style of Playboi Carti.

SCARDUST Posts ‘Strangers’ Release Party On-Demand Video

Progressive symphonic metal act SCARDUST to celebrate the launch of their acclaimed new concept album “Strangers”, the Israeli band SCARDUST – praised by Prog Magazine as “serious contenders in the symphonic/prog metal world” – hosted a live-stream release party on Facebook on Nov. 14. The event featured the first-ever live performances of several songs from the new record, as well as a Q&A with special guest musician Patty Gurdy, who appears on the album’s “Concrete Cages”. Archived video of that event is now available for free on-demand viewing at YouTube here: