Jordana Lilly ‘Locked Up’ video

LA-based artist Jordana Lilly returns with the release of her vibrant new single Locked Up, out 10th August 2020 via Beardfire Music.

Combining R&B, funk and pop sensibilities, Locked Up is undeniably infectious from the offset. Jordana’s soulful vocal tone soars effortlessly over dynamic brass flourishes, contemporary rhythms and highly relatable lyrics in order to create a sound that feels both playful and poignant. Talking about the single, Jordana explains, “ironically, I wrote Locked Up before the world began its lockdown. It’s essentially about being stuck with yourself, and the journey to accepting that, then going so far as to celebrate it. Perspective shifting has saved my life and my sanity, more times than I can count. Maintaining positive mental health is all about doing the work – which is something I think then whole world is really realizing right now.”

Jordana Lilly was born and raised in the Silicon Valley. She later graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, where she began to explore her musical interests beyond her love of musical theatre. Jordana released her debut album Small Capitals earlier this year, which received acclaim from numerous well-regarded publications including Obscure Sound and Emerging Indie Bands. With Locked Up, Jordana hopes to captivate listeners further with her introspective storytelling charm and unique ability to create shimmering pop melodies that are overflowing with colour.