Football games for Kids

It is much better to play แทงบอลออนไลน์ outdoors and in the company of friends.But for cold or rainy days, we bring you our collection of free online soccer games for children, with which we hope you will have a lot of fun.Are you interested in learning more about your favourite sport? Then you’ve come to the right place. Play and learn with us!


Please choose your favourite team and compete in our soccer field against the best in the world.With our games of penalties or penalties Penalty Shooters, you will show your coordination and good reflexes.Try to save as many balls as possible playing “Goalkeeper”.You can also collect penalties with our game “Penalty”. Compete in penalty shootouts to the final, and score all the goals to win the cup.


Before playing free throws, do you dare to train? Our game “impossible shots” will test your free kick skills.Manage to score a goal despite obstacles until you complete all 15 levels of progressive difficulty.Are you ready to beat Brazil or England? We invite you to play “Free Kick” this game aims to achieve the perfect goal, but the better you do it, the more defenders you will have to beat.In both games, you will need to calculate the force, angle and height of the ball to hit the perfect free-kick.If you want to laugh and have a good time, don’t forget to play our game of big heads.In this version, the cartoonish players who look nothing like Cristiano Ronaldo, have a huge head and a lot of desire to win the World Cup games.


No one knows precisely when this sport was invented. According to historians, the first football matches date back 3,000 years.

This game consisted of throwing a leather ball filled with feathers at a bamboo canes arch while evading the attack of the opponents. The use of hands was prohibited.

However, the Chinese were not the only ones who enjoyed soccer games; Japan, Greece and Rome also practised variations of this sport.


In the United States, soccer was known as “Kamari” and began about 500-600 years after China, prevailing to this day.It is a sport that lacks the competitive element of ‘tsu – chu’, as there are no opponents, the players must pass the ball to each other with any part of the body except the arms and hands. The purpose of this sporting activity, which is practised in the space of around 6 square meters, is to prevent the ball from falling.For the Greeks, soccer games were known as “episkyros”, this sport was similar to the version of Roman soccer called “harpastum”, where two opposing teams with the same number of members had to pass the ball until they reached the goal, without However, the use of hands was allowed.


But its popularity was not instantaneous because it was prohibited, as it was seen as a distraction for archery, an excellent exercise for the war that benefited the kingdom.Despite the king and queen’s prohibitions, people, especially children, liked to play soccer.Thanks to the popularity of this sport among children and the health benefits it brings, schools began to incorporate it into the sports education curriculum.