Top 5 Songs About Gambling

When it comes to playing music, we all know that music can resonate a lot to the different things we are going through in life. Be it love, travel, relationships-you name it and there is a song out there that accompanies the need of the mood and theme you are looking for. When it comes to betting, this theme is appropriate for some of the best tracks in the charts. It seems some of the last few decades best song titles, took inspiration from the pastime that is gambling! 

These tracks that we have listed down below, will be perfect for your next session on Let the tracks motivate your betting streaks across the different sports sectors that the site caters you to.

Poker Face

There is not one person that does not know the track Poker Face, we can vouch for that. The song brings together the relationship between playing poker and the character you have to play, when bluffing. She cleverly spun a take on this between love and the game that follows when people chase each other ‘in the name of love’. Despite intimate moments you share, one of you will always not completely show a true face but a poker face after all.

This song did in fact, make Lady Gaga who she is today, and people say it was the launch to her career, as it was one of those songs that people immediately found catchy and could not stop singing the track silently in their head long-even when it was not actually playing!

Viva Las Vegas

This song has been an appropriate song that many casinos within Las Vegas stream, to get their gamblers into the mood of some serious casino gaming. Although Elvis Presley has long passed away, his legacy still remains throughout the movie culture and hollywood. Many movies have been created based on Elvis’ legacy, in particular to actual casinos and casino games. 

The song would definitely transport you back to vegas, no matter where you are playing casino games from. Need a track to get you into the Vegas frame of mind? This is the one for you!

Shape of my Heart 

This song by Sting is not directly related to gamble, as in, it doesn’t specifically go on throughout the entire song about gambling, it’s a little bit more subtle in that sense. The lyrics speak of a player wanting to play purely to near himself around mystery and fate, and not to win. It is definitely a poetic kind of song, and not exactly one to play if you are gambling some serious hardcore money. However to set the mood and spell of your gambling, you could use this just to set the pace and ready you for more vigorous gambling later on…


This 2 Chainz song brings hip-hop to your roulette wheel. The song is primarily in reference to sports betting, and the pain of losing-big. Perhaps it may not be the cheeriest of songs to play back, especially if you are looking for something to set the pace in a more positive aspect, but the lessons presented behind the lyrics of this song, are as real as it gets. 

Tumbling Dice

Oh the days of the rolling stones. These guys really were legends, that is for sure. Every song they sang with, came from meaning and depth, creativity, and with Mick Jagger as the lead, his vocals made songs reach another level of song sass. The Tumbling Dice song, brought to light the game of craps and the story of a housekeeper. 

A little fact that only hardcore fas should actually know of, is the fact that Mick Jagger was actually going through a dry spell and a writers block when writing this song. The title Tumbling Dice only came to be, after a few turns and opinions on the original song name ‘Good Time Woman’.

Vogue and Elle may have listed the best tracks ever, but we have listed the best tracks ever for gambling. The question is, do you agree with our choices?