The biggest bingo prizes ever won

Millions of players from all across the globe love to play online bingo games and the majority of players no longer enjoy the game in a bingo hall, they most commonly play on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Not only is it a brilliant way to pass the time, but playing online bingo is a fantastic way to win some huge prizes, as you will soon discover when you see the biggest bingo prizes ever to be won! There’s no reason why you can’t join them and playing online bingo is so easy and convenient thanks to the power of technology, you can play whenever and wherever you are – on your daily commute or from the comfort of your own home! In case you needed any more convincing, take a look at some of the biggest bingo prizes ever won. 

£5.9m in Lincolnshire, UK 

One lucky player back in 2012 was the recipient of a huge cash prize of £5.9 million which at the time was the world’s biggest bingo win of all time! The prize couldn’t have gone to a more deserving winning, as the player was a grandfather and factory worker who gave back to his local community in his spare time.  

$6.7m in Greece 

A Greek businessman was the winner of an eye-watering $6.7 million in winnings from playing the beloved game of bingo back in 2009. 

£1.3m in Oxfordshire, UK 

Back in 2012, another UK winner who was from Oxfordshire tried their luck with the exciting game of bingo and from just a £5 bet they won a whopping £1.3m by playing online bingo. Best of all, this was all from the comfort of her own living room while she was simply, passing the time on her favourite online bingo website!  

£1.1m in Bargoed, UK 

One exceptionally lucky Brit bagged herself a fortune playing bingo when she walked away with a jackpot of just shy of £1.1m when she was playing at a local bingo hall where she had played and enjoyed the game for over a decade. In 2008 she finally got lucky after over 10 years of routine bingo play the player finally had her numbers drawn and won the bingo hall’s Platinum Jackpot of £1,018,233. However, her luck didn’t run out there, she also won the UK’s National Game Price of £80,000, the Zone Prize of £3,121 as well as an extra Club Prize of £355 – a total of £1,101,709! All on the same night under the same roof! It’s hard to believe, lady luck certainly was on her side that evening.  

Every day, all around the world players are striking it lucky playing online bingo, winning phenomenal and life-changing amounts of money, all whilst enjoying their favourite game. Could you be the next player to break the world record of the biggest bingo prizes? There’s only one way to find out and in this game of chance, all you need to do is be in it to win it!