Cybersex with Skokka, pleasure just a couple of clicks away

Cybersex with Skokka, pleasure just a couple of clicks away

Relationships are advancing more and more every day, especially thanks to new technologies. It is becoming easier and easier to connect with other people and interact despite distance and physical limits.

Today, for example, a person living in Europe can hold a phone conversation, or even look at a beautiful escort in India, for example, in real time. The possibilities are immense. Even this has reached the oldest profession in the world, and its main tool as of today which is online erotic adverts.

The Internet has revolutionised everyone’s life. Thanks to it, outreach has increased significantly worldwide. It is now rare to meet someone who does not have a presence on social networks and does not make their pictures public. So there is now a new world of opportunities to get more people to like you and feel more desired. Thus, there are now many who practice what is known as cybersex. So much so, that many female escorts in Sydney, as well as many others from areas of Australia and other countries, offer it as a service.

What is cybersex?

This is a practice in which two or more people interact through explicit and adult messages and content without being physically in the same place. Therefore, any conversation with a partner or a possible flirt could be considered as such.

However, when doing so, several questions and doubts may arise. First of all, with whom to do it. It could well be with a partner, a complete stranger, a friend, a colleague… Even with real professionals who can be easily found online looking for call girls and escorts in Edinburgh, or any area you want, on the Internet.

Secondly, another question that arises is where to go. There are many forums and applications that many people use to do this. Not to mention the most popular social networks around the world such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype… Although lately they are changing their internal regulations and limiting users to the explicitness of their messages and content they publish.

This is very directly related to how to perform cybersex. Because they can be written messages, confessing desires or even secret fantasies. But also videos touching each other, nude photographs, audios and a long etcetera. The limit is in the originality and creativity of each one.

Reasons to do it

There are many reasons why anyone can have cybersex. Just like there are reasons why you watch so much porn online. Among them are the following:

  • When a long-distance relationship is maintained. The attraction is still there and the flame must not be extinguished.
  • Out of boredom or fun. With free time, a camera, privacy and a phone you can do many things.
  • For morbidity. Just as many are excited to meet independent escorts in Auckland, others receive messages and help them feel wanted to see and read erotic material. And if not to tell those who enjoy another sexual practice, voyeurism. Or what is the same, all those people who get pleasure just by looking at others in erotic situations.

Tips for cybersex

While it can be very satisfying, it should not be forgotten that it also has its dangers. Because of its accessibility, great care must be taken. It is very easy for any explicit content published on the internet to go viral. And even if it is later removed by the owner, many users may have already downloaded it. So the content continues to circulate without control. That is why you should always think about what you are sending and to whom. 

Another thing that influences this practice is the complexities and embarrassments one may have with one’s own body. Because there is always that small detail that one prefers to hide and not show. Besides, some people find it much easier and more natural to be in front of the camera and act normal than others. 

So if you are determined to try it out, here are the steps to follow. The first and foremost thing is the comfort and intimacy to let yourself go. After that, all you have to do is light the flame. Simple questions such as “What are you wearing?” or “What are you doing now?” can lead to very heated conversations. There are even wives who decide to surprise their partners with some sensual photos to awaken their desire for when they get home. 

Cybersex is a practice that offers a multitude of possibilities, all of which are very satisfactory despite their risks. Thanks to it many models have gained international fame and increased their numbers of followers and “Likes” on their social media.

Fdo.: Deborah Salas