Significant events being canceled at famous New Year Destinations

This year all the necessary and significant events have been canceled due to the pandemic. No doubt, the entertainment industry is on pause, but now it is going to start gradually. The situation is going to be changed as the world battles the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To control the virus’s spread, every government has canceled TV shoots, films, festivals, and concerts. Everything is not modified and rescheduled. Now, when things are coming under control, there is an expectation that soon people will be able to greet each other “Happy New Year 2021.”  

Events that have been canceled

Not only one, but there are also several events on the list, and the list is lengthy. It was when no Instagram influencer visited Love Island because ITV had canceled the summer 2020 season. Not only this, several other events were cancelled, like highly anticipated tours such as Billie Eilish’s 2020 dates, Harry Styles Love on Tour, Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest, and many others. Some festivals like Lollapalooza, Stagecoach, and Coachella. Similarly, the Summer Olympics was postponed for the 1st time in history since World War II.

As the world learned to tackle the COVID-19, people come to life again, and everything then takes a new start, so hopefully, we will be going to celebrate Happy New Year 2021.” Some of the important events that have been canceled are here.

– Concerts

Numerous concerts have been cancelled, like Guns and Roses, Justin Bieber, and many more. On May 11, European tours and the UK, scheduled for May 289 through June 27, were cancelled, and it did not happen. The rescheduled dates were announced for the next year. It is a hope that it will not be cancelled next year.

– Sports

All the sports events in 2020 were impacted due to COVID-19. On Wednesday, the NBA announced that after a Utah jazz player tested positive, the season is being cancelled. It was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The governments of all countries have changed their decisions about global events organizations. They suspended all the sports events because it was not the case of a country. The air-traffic was closed, and there was not any possibility that people could get access to these events. The airports were closed, and people did not move from one place to any other.

– Tourism

Tourism industry suffered a huge loss due to the pandemic. As it is explained, all the events were closed because of the air traffic. Airports and air traffic were closed, and there was no tourism possible. This is the reason the tourism industry faced a loss of millions of dollars. The world faces unprecedented global health, economic, and social emergency with the outbreak. Tourism and travel are among the most affected sectors with the hotels, airplanes on the ground, and travel restrictions in all countries worldwide.

During the pandemic, the tourism sector stopped the international tourist arrivals in the first four months of 2020.

Expectations for the New Year

Now, conditions are going to be better, and everyone looks for a better tomorrow. This New Year event will be celebrated all over the world. So, let’s hope that this year’s prayer for the New Year will be more pleasant. It will make you feel that all humans are equal, all are one, and there is no discrimination. Everyone wants that next year will fill our lives with peace, prosperity, and love. People can make it happier and prosperous by wishing each other “Happy New Year 2021.” It will bring peace, health, and blessings to everyone.