Introducing Eva B Ross; Listen to Delicate “Jim Beam Moonbeams”

LA’s Eva B Ross today shares new single “Jim Beam Moonbeams,” A delicate, inviting track, “highlighting that parallel between lights fading in the evening and two people getting faded along with it” –

Calling to mind the understated smooth blend of jazz, pop, and folk stylings of Natalie Prass or the supple guitar, freewheeling voice, and stark songwriting from Lianna La Havas, “Jim Beam Moonbeams” is a two-minute seduction. Produced with Paul Castelluzo (Hether), Buck Meek (Big Thief), and Joe Harrison (Nick Hakim, Holy Hive), the track sits somewhere between the tall shadows stretching through the fading light of an evening spent getting buzzed and the looming dew-covered morning. Sparsely articulated by a jazz snare, the gaps are filled in by Buck Meek’s wandering guitar line and Eva’s gorgeous harmonies. There’s no second-guessing that she’s a classically trained vocalist, but Eva also takes little detours here and there, leaving the listener waiting to see what’s next.

Says Eva. about the new track, “A year or so ago, Paul Castelluzo (Hether), Buck Meek and Joe Harrison had a session where they live tracked as a trio. For a while, I just loved the instrumental and at some point came up with a song around it. I put it away for a while, and in quarantine grew fond of the song and thought it was worth revisiting and finishing. The song is really just a snapshot. Highlighting that parallel between lights fading in the evening, and two people getting faded along with it.”