[Emo Rap | Alt. Grunge] Kobenz is releasing a new hit, ‘gothxbitch’!

Who is Kobenz?

Kobenz is an alternative artist from Minneapolis, MN. Kobenz has faced some serious hardships throughout his life, but he found solace and relief in music. Making music turned into a way of therapy. This is how this project began; with Kobenz resorting to poetry and music to face the harshest aspects of his life.

His self-titled debut single ‘Kobenz’ received critical acclaim for its raw authenticity and garnered tens of thousands of streams, radio play and the attention of multiple brands, blogs and celebrities.

Kobenz has never felt that he fits in with his peers and he has been ostracized for being different. With his music, he hopes to shed awareness on the importance of mental health and to send a clear message: You should not feel bad for being yourself.

On October 20th he released his second single featuring Spaceman Zack, and he is currently working on two more, both with Billboard topping artists (Katy Rose and Lil Tracy)!