Best places online and on social media to promote your band?

Modern progress and advancements in technology have changed almost every industry you care to mention in one way or another. The internet in particular has a lot to answer for. Even if you are still reliant on traditional methods and techniques to run your business, you probably still use social media to promote it and perhaps even sell the product or service itself. And nowhere are such changes noticeable as in the arts sector and the music industry in particular.

In the past artists have had to move to artistic centres such as Berlin, London and New York to be close to the action, and whilst there are plenty of reasons to move to Nashville, Tokyo, Paris or Los Angeles, and ideas for the latter can be found at this website, beyond just the benefits of being close to your target audience, many of the artistic reasons for such a move have largely been replaced by technology.

The rise of social media means that you can now post your music on sites such as Bandcamp and sell it to anywhere in the world directly to music fans no matter where you are based. Combine this with the ability to promote your work via Facebook, Twitter and any number of on-line platforms means that not only is geography no longer an obstacle, you have effectively swerved the need for a record label and a publicity agent.

All you need to acquire the skills to run a successful small business is the right mind set, perseverance and a few tricks of the trade, which again can be found with minimal searching on the internet, this website is a great place to start. And just because you are working in an arts based sector of the commercial marketplace, don’t think that your needs are any different from any other small business. You are the brand, your music is the product, your computer is your office. It’s as simple as that.

Business success in the digital age still has all the same goals as more traditional approaches. You still need people to hear of you, understand the brand and its ethics, you need to build excitement and anticipation for your product and once you have the potential buyers attention then you need to hold on to them. The only difference is that technology means that the channels between you and the audience are so much more immediate. Often the difference between being seen and falling into the backwaters of the on-line world is successful SEO, and if you are new to such concepts, talking to companies such as Ignite Digital, perhaps the best SEO Toronto company, not that location is important, are worth checking out.

The curse of such user friendly systems means that there is so much more competition as everyone with an internet connection is potentially a brand, a business, a consultant. A competitor. But if your music was a viable enough product before you took it online then it is certainly a viable product once you have the wonders of modern technology to back you up. Believe in yourself and get tech-smart. It’s a winning combination.