Natty Prophets New Single “Cherish”

As cool as a tropical breeze, Natty Prophets delivers a song of pure sunshine on the joyous “Cherish”. The celebratory spirit reveals itself in an updated reggae pop format. Bass has an expressiveness to it while it anchors the whole of the work. Guitar work goes for the right degree of laid-back beauty. Percussion has a playful disposition featuring a whole slew of different textures, as the nimbleness works wonders. Beyond the clear reggae vibes, elements of funk and surf rock filter further into the mix. Vocals rise above with a sense of pure freedom. Lyrics offer a sense of true love for the world and the desire to see the best all around. A good soundsystem is recommended for the production feels absolutely flawless.

They waste no time in getting started for the gnarled guitar work feels quite natural. From the acoustic to the electric, the guitar work weaves a vast tapestry of sound one that becomes impossible to ignore. All of it is layered to create a virtual sonic universe one that transports the listener away from worry and cares, into something far more soothing. Vocals rest front and center of everything as they sing with so much passion, one that seems to revel in the wonder that is the world. Delivered with so much heart and soul, the piece has a reassuring quality as it wraps itself around the listener.

Natty Prophets delves into blissful grooves on the inviting “Cherish”.