Psychopath Etiquette Present New Song ‘When Anxieties Attack’

A stream of consciousness confessional approach reigns supreme over the sparse folk musings of Psychopath Etiquette’s “When Anxieties Attack”. Things are kept to the essentials merely a voice and a guitar at first. Within this careful construct a thoughtful musing emerges. Every word is delivered with so much honesty as each verse is weighted with considerable care. Here buildup works in a psychological way for every iteration of the theme allows the arrangement to become ever denser. For the final stretch it all merges together in a way that feels absolutely lovely in a way that feels pristine.

Things begin simply. Within this simplicity the lyrics take front and center stage. Exploring the unfortunate concept of anxiety, the song’s focal point becomes one of trying to work through anxiety and it’s at times all-consuming nature. Gradually the song offers a bit of relief. This relief comes in a form of reducing the tension of the single two elements. What began as a stark reflective piece of folk transforms into something that becomes lush a chamber pop orchestra of sorts. By allowing this evolution to take place they adopt a unique stance one that shows that even in anxiety there is no reason that one must suffer alone. Indeed, through incorporating so much additional sound the entirety of the scope simply washes over the listener in a soothing fashion.

Psychopath Etiquette dives deep into one’s innermost feelings and desires on the tender “When Anxieties Attack”.