Top New Tune // Florence Arman – “In A Heartbeat”

Keeping it together can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so when there’s a war raging between your head and your heart. On her second single Florence Arman is fighting that battle. “In a Heartbeat” explores the inner turmoil of making that decision, despite knowing all along who’s going to win.

The singer/songwriter finds herself at home in a world of timeless pop subtleties, but before stepping into the spotlight herself she was busy penning tracks behind the scenes. Based in Austria, the young Brit developed her creative voice with the help of her brother, Sebastian Arman, and illustrious producer, filious. Constructing her seven-track debut EP Arman’s heart guides not just her romantic decisions but her creative ones too.

A love story through and through “In a Heartbeat” comes laced with darker twists and a candid look at some of Arman’s personal struggles. With her straight to the point lyrics Arman says it how it is and her voice itself does a lot of the work delivering a ton of passion and waves of emotion.