Jeremy Parsons Releases New Video ‘Lillian’ Today September 18th

There is something both wonderfully retro’ yet brilliantly of the here-and-now about this great new track from Jeremy Parsons. Retro’ in that it reminds me, slightly, of that wave of new sounding pop which came flooding through in the wake of punk because of the barriers that had been kicked down. You can almost hear bands like The Cars, The The, and Joe Jackson flitting around in the background and that has to be a good thing. Right?

But what keeps this song from being a bit too much of a nod to the past, what keeps it relevant and forward thinking is the fact that it also feels totally right for the modern pop market, perhaps even the perfect antidote to those preening pop starlets and earnest indie troubadours which are clogging up the charts. It feels honest, authentic…heartfelt, when was the last time anything in the mainstream market, for that is where this should be heading, had those qualities about it?

Not for a long time I’ll bet.