Dream Nails release new video railing against homophobic violence for “Kiss My Fist”

Hot on the heels of the release of their critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album and their iconic “Gig In A Box” livestream experience, Dream Nails pull no punches with their new music video for the single “Kiss My Fist”. A tribute to queer women taking up space in public, the video for “Kiss My Fist” features some the UK’s best rollerskaters doing tricks as the band perform inside a skate bowl.

Guitarist Anya Pearson says: “As a queer woman, I live in fear of violence every day because of my sexuality and the way I look. In the UK anti-LGBT hate crime has surged in the past five years, and the risk of violence disproportionately increases for queer and trans people of colour. According to Stonewall, 1 in 3 queer people of colour have experienced hate crime in the past year. We wrote “Kiss My Fist” in honour of all queer people trying to get from A to B without getting beaten up. Our message to homophobes and transphobes is clear: ask us to kiss again, and we will eat your brain!”

The powerful track was written in a whirlwind in the summer of 2019, just days after the violent attack on Christine Hannigan and Melania Ramirez, and a fortnight before the band went into the studio to record the album with Tarek Musa of Spring King.