DJ Revi Rev and Don Geno: Translate a message of hope, empowerment, and systematic change with their latest single #FORTHELOVE

‘The Soul of America’ is being challenged like never before in 2020, and people’s true feelings are revealed through pain and race relations. The United States of America is the strongest nation in America and the most divided in 2020. Police brutality inflamed racial tensions, and marginalized African American communities are ‘hotspots’ for political debate. America is soaked in confusion, hate, and lack of leadership at the highest level in society.

DJ Revi Rev & Don Geno latest track ‘For The Love’ provides a voice of reason and hope for everyone seeking a better version of tomorrow. DJ Revi Rev & Don Geno narrates the emotions and raw feelings of people worldwide. ‘For The Love’ focuses on self-empowerment, self-reliance, neighborhood unity, and the power of ‘real love.’ Every hustler riding around in there classic 94 wide-body S-500 Benz or 21-year-old Millennial young bull hearing this in their local barbershop, the message resonates, and love is supreme.

Lyrically ‘For The Love’ touches your heart when you hear “woke up this morning feeling blacknificent, strong black and powerful, ready to represent for my people.” This verse depicts the mindset of powerful and resolute Black men throughout America. ‘For The Love’ is a flawless audio of motivation for American and specifically minorities needing a positive beam of light. ‘For The Love’ liven’s any family bbq, wedding, spade card game, barbershop, or man cave session. The world needed ‘For The Love.’