Glass extension ideas to transform a home

The owner of a private house or cottage has less restrictions on the choice of size, shape and design of windows than the owner of a standard apartment, for example, in the planning stage of construction or repair of the house.

Also, stair parts are one of the best options that make your interior more beautiful.

Plastic windows are often compared with the eyes of the house, they reflect the character of the house, giving it individuality, forming the appearance. This applies directly to the facade of the house. In the interior of the room a huge role in the perception of space play window openings, which often occupy a large wall area, which is located opposite the front door.

Even the most ordinary, uncomplicated design is able to transform the quality of window systems – from plastic and other materials. And unsuccessfully selected will nullify all the efforts of even the most talented designer. They create the atmosphere of the room, adjusting the level of lighting, as well as color palette.

However, there are no universal forms that will fit perfectly into any interior design. A huge variety of offered glazing options, modern materials, colors, textures allows you to find the best option.

Panoramic windows in the interior

Modern design innovations ensure the popularity of panoramic windows. Glass wall or large glass from wall to wall bring in the maximum amount of sunlight, while radically changing the appearance of the room, character, functionality.

Many Russians have the wrong opinion that panoramas are not suitable for our climate, as they are very “cold”. Thanks to the current energy-saving technologies, you can not be afraid of Russian frosts, as even large bright openings will not only be warm, but also perfectly functioning.

A beautiful, stylish solution is panoramic glazing in the bedroom, blurring the boundaries of space. Especially if there is scenic nature around your home. And how delightful are the panoramic glazed conservatories.

Ribbon glazing

Similar to the transparent ribbon (so they deserved the name) several consecutive blocks of glass. Depending on the room or building, these can be quite different sizes, lengths.  In strict modern design solutions ribbon glazing adds natural light with air, creating a special atmosphere.

Nowadays, the popularity of using such glass for kitchen projects is increasing. They act as a kind of apron or part of it, thus illuminating the work surfaces, and these are the most important areas in any kitchen. Plus, it is easier to create a culinary masterpiece with a beautiful view of the street.

Ribbon glazing is used for living rooms, offices, dining rooms or even bedrooms.

Unusual shape

Nowadays completely different shapes are possible: round, oval, triangular, like a rhombus or trapeze. Such variants can give absolutely unique appearance to the house, cottage.

Round windows-illuminators will harmoniously blend into the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.  And traditional designs or modern roles do not play. Well suited for different stylistic directions.

Arched – will perfectly emphasize the classics of the interior. Floorings can be made in contrast to the light interior design. This will make such a window a center of attention and a highlight of design.

Large-sized corners, as if blurring the border between nature and the room, are a kind of portal to the outside world.