Rising Australian artist CXLOE today reveals her new single ‘One and Lonely’ via Sandlot Records and AWAL Recordings. On ‘One and Lonely’ CXLOE has expertly weaved lyrical vulnerability into future-facing production, with the track’s nocturnal beat giving way to entrancing echoes on the refrain, “You’ll always be my one and lonely, one and lonely.” ‘One and Lonely’ is the second single to be taken from a forthcoming body of work due later this year.

Like much of CXLOE’s music to date, ‘One and Lonely’ tackles some of the artist’s very own, very personal burdens. “‘One and Lonely’ is all about loneliness. I spend a majority of the year away from my partner, and it always weighs on me heavily. This song talks about the endless flights and sleepless nights away from each other and how heavy this feeling is,” CXLOE shares. “I know I can be too much sometimes, and this song touches on these elements of push and pull that I put my partner through. ‘You’ll always be my One and Lonely’ is probably one of my favorite lines off the whole EP. It captures love and sadness in a matter of words.”