Keeping In Touch with Your Followers Via YouTube

One of the more commonly used social media platforms today is YouTube. It is a video marketing platform that shares online content that covers a wide array of subject matter. Approximately 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day, and more than 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube almost every minute, which shows just how popular this social media platform has become.

YouTube is a popular place to engage with your audience and keep in touch with your followers. Below you will find a few strategies for success when keeping in touch with your followers via YouTube.

Find Your Motivation

When you use YouTube to keep in touch, you need to create and share valuable content that your target audience can use. The videos you upload should be clearly defined and tailored to your intended audience. They should explain what they are about and give people a reason to watch them and stay engaged.

To help with this, create an introduction video for the YouTube channel and present yourself, your company, and your intent. As long as you stay motivated, and you are consistent with your efforts, you can continue to keep in touch with your followers via YouTube through the video content, messages, and comments.

Cross Promotion

With an already active following on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can use YouTube to cross-promote and spread your message. This is easier to accomplish with you have a loyal following already built up on the other platforms. You already have the audience in place to share your YouTube channel.

Community Posts

You can also interact with your following through community posts on YouTube. It is a quick and easy way to engage with followers and express yourself in ways that go beyond the videos you share. However, this feature may not be available to all channels currently, but once your Community Tab is enabled, it will then appear on your channel when you sign in.

Making the Connections

There are many ways you can connect and keep in touch with your followers on YouTube, and these include before the video and after. In addition to community posts, you can also engage with followers via live chats during premieres. The Live Chat will stay active for a few minutes once the premiere ends.

You can also use Stories to start a post video conversation or get feedback for what you have been doing. It also gives you a way to keep in touch and hang out with your followers while helping keep loyal viewers.

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