What to consider when deciding between toilet replacement or repair?

There are always going to be certain problems that you might run into regarding your toilet. It might break or you could have a leak. Many people have a certain budget for their toilets when they come down to the overall house renovation cost but what if your toilet is failing on you long before that? If this is the case then you would have to act  in a timely manner.

Ideally, you want to fix the toilet instead of having to replace it with a new one. Listed are some common situations that arise that will help you reach the right decision about whether to replace the toilet or to replace and install a new one.

Toilet is running

It happens when the water won’t simply remain within the tank and would start sipping out of it causing it to leak and damping the whole floor. It can become extremely frustrating to deal with because it is inconvenient and unless fixed, it can keep happening. One of option to troubleshoot the situation on your own is by testing the flapper by pushing down on it until the water stops running. If it does stop running, then it may mean that your flapper is not sealed properly and it may need to be replaced.

The toilet won’t flush

Another inconvenience you might not even come to realize is what is causing the problem and what you should be doing about as it can be any of the following:

  • A clog
  • Water tank not filling up all the way
  • A faulty flapper as explained earlier
  • A broken lift chain that won’t allow for the mechanism to start

Whatever the cause might be for you, call a trusted plumber in New Westminster that is licensed and insured, who can efficiently fix the problem if you are unable to.

The water level is low

Do you notice that the water level in your toilet is lower than usual? If you do, the most likely reason is due to the fill tube either being damaged or incorrectly positioned because it could be preventing the water from rising to its usual level. If it has simply shifted, you could connect it back to its overflow tube but if it’s damaged, get a new fill tube.

Toilet issues are inevitable

Toilet issues are bound to happen and that is why instead of panicking and being overwhelmed, consider your options. You might call a professional plumber to your aid or determine that the problem can be solved on your own. Just be mindful when doing it yourself to not take unwanted risks that worsen the problem which could ultimately cost you more in repair costs.

When to replace the toilet

There are certain signs you might notice about your toilet that will warrant a toilet replacement. Some of these signs are outlined below.

Toilet requiring constant repairs

A few simple repairs from time to time is fine but if you have a recurring problem that happens frequently, just getting a new toilet might be the best solution. Consistent repairs can become costly and consume a lot of unnecessary time.

The toilet is always blocked

If you are consistently using the plunger, time and time again, now might be a good time to replace the toilet. For example, experiencing clogs more than once a week would be considered frequent. Another situation when it might be wise to get a new toilet is if you have an old, low flush toilet that has frequent clogs.

Porcelain cracks 

Cracks to the porcelain can cause leaks that create a puddle around the toilet. Not only does this result in wasting more water, the leak can damage the flooring. Must also be mindful of the crack widening possibly over time.

Toilet moving when sitting

Toilets are meant to stay put where they are. If you try to sit on it and it wobbles, there’s a chance the floor underneath the toilet is rotting or that there is water damage. When a toilet is not properly seated or jammed to its place, you hope the screws are loose and it only requires tightening. A more serious problem is if the leak causes the floor beneath the toilet to rot and become damp.

Getting a new toilet

Well, it doesn’t have to be a troublesome task at all but there are some factors that you need to take into account when having to buy a new toilet. After understanding the issue with the toilet, making a decision that will benefit you long term will usually be the best decision.