Astræa’s challenge to her inner demons – ‘My Own Worst Enemy’

Astræa’s latest release, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is an introspective and haunting piano ballad which sees her addressing her own inner demons.

Born out of a comment made by Astræa’s music teacher, the song is an honest and unwavering look at the self-sabotage which so many women working in the music industry can suffer from. Astræa has never been silent on this front – with previous release ‘Tonight I Run’ about overcoming the barriers she has found in her way on her journey to become one of the industry’s most sought-after producers.

Now at the top of her game, Astræa’s music takes on the quiet confidence of someone who knows exactly what they can do and what they are capable of. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is a song which finds its strength in vulnerability, and in discussing the notion of imposter syndrome and self-doubt, takes confident and defiant steps to conquer both.