Cheyenne Benton Breathes Lyrical Fire into the World of Atmospheric Indie Pop with New Single “In My Head”

Bursting with bubblegum angst, singer/songwriter, Cheyenne Benton breathes lyrical fire into the world of atmospheric Indie Pop with the release of her new charismatic self-penned, self-produced single, “In My Head.” The catchy up-tempo track sporting her powerful vocals and perfectly stacked harmonies recently premiered on San Diego’s 91X FM and is now available at all digital outlets and streaming platforms. Listen here. Benton also released the colorful corresponding music video directed by Sean Russo and produced by Somethin’ Good on her YouTube channel.

“I have been working on “In My Head” for quite some time. The idea came to me in 2018, but it took almost a year and dozens of rewrites for me to complete. I’m a slow processor when it comes to my emotions, and although I am extremely passionate and intense, it can take months, sometimes years for me to gain the clarity and insight into exactly what I’m feeling and to convey that message. “In My Head” reflects an extremely personal look into my anxiety, my tendency to self-destruct whenever I feel as though I have been too vulnerable, and the unfortunate toll it has taken on my relationships with those people I deeply care about,” added Benton.