Carly Releases Music Video to new single ‘No One’

Carly Lind is a pop artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles. She recently released her brand new single “No One” and now just dropped her follow-up music video. The video features Carly in an apartment singing about the grief she experienced losing her parents a few years ago. “I wrote this song when I was driving home and I was thinking if my car broke down I felt I had no one to call for help. That led me to how alone I felt especially after my parents had passed. When you lose a parent, you realize that they are the only ones that truly care about what you are doing , the definition of unconditional love. No one touches on the depression stage of grief”. Carly explains. This song features a raw side of Carly with the song driven by an acoustic guitar and keeping the focus on her vocals and authentic lyricism.

Carly is originally from Shelton, Connecticut. She attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music where she studied vocal performance. After moving to Los Angeles, she started releasing her own original music as well as being featured on various EDM tracks for notable producers and labels. Following her music success, she has built a significant following online with over 100k followers on Instagram and Tiktok. Be sure to follow her on social media to keep up to date on her latest projects.