Your favourite extraterrestrial invaders have landed with the audio for ‘Story’

Aliendontringdoorbells (yes, that is their real name) have landed with the audio for their debut single, ‘Story’.

A genre-crossing song, this band has taken clear influences from the folk-rock greats of the past (Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, to name a few) and added in a modern pop element, which nevertheless makes their sound utterly timeless.

The storytelling element of the song has its roots in the tradition of country and folk music, but the edge with which this band tackles the cyclical narrative of familial structures is truly innovative and an interesting topic for a song.

You can listen to the song below on Spotify, where it has already racked up an impressive 16,000 streams, despite having just come out! Don’t miss your chance to jump on this bandwagon before it gets huge!