Art Schop Set to Blast Off with “In The Street”

Art Schop is an intuitive artist who seems to be in tune with the universal space of time & sound that surrounds him. Art Schop is set to release his new single “In The Street” off of the upcoming album titled “Starguide”. When you hit Play, the listener will immediately think that they’ve been sucked into some strange vortex in a faraway galaxy. “In The Street” is quite literally out of this world and like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

In The Street” is completely original to say the least giving off a deep space-type mojo. Art Schop delivers a very unique approach vocally, musically and artistically on the new song. “In The Street” exhibits a low-key vibe yet still provides a big impact audibly. Don’t try to peg Art Schop’s style because it is a losing battle as you will soon discover when listening to “In The Street”. The music appears to be limitless as Art Schop is not afraid to sail his musical ship into uncharted waters. I can see this song being placed on a concept album because there are heavy, philosophical elements in place that will get your mind and ears racing!

Art Schop is off and running “In The Street” and going wherever the music takes him. “Music is the melody whose text is the world” is a quote by Art, himself, that gives the audience a glimpse into the vast mindset of Art Schop. “In The Street” might have you scratching your head & earlobes but in a good way! The extreme creativity can’t be denied on the fresh, new single as Art Schop will take you on one wild ride “In The Street”!

By Jimmy Rae (