Introducing The Buzzworthy Sounds of Modern Leisure’s New Single

Modern Leisure is the musical project of Denver native, Casey Banker. The project began in 2016 as a vehicle for Banker’s personal songwriting after departing from his former band, Shady Elders. The songs of Modern Leisure take personal stories and weaves them into ebullient indie-pop. After the 2018 debut release of “Super Sad Rom Com,” Banker immediately jumped back into the studio to begin working on a new set of songs that would form a new Modern Leisure EP. While the subject of the debut album depicted a nostalgic reflection of his life in his 20’s, this latest Modern Leisure EP is comprised of themes and events more direct to Banker’s experiences within the past year. As a fitting entry into a new decade, Banker moves forward with the clearer vision of himself as he takes agency over his life pursuit. The veteran songwriter now finds himself living in the present, realizing the things that are most important to him: love, truth, and acceptance. Expected to be released in the Fall of 2020, “Another Good Time” sees Modern Leisure synthesizing old and new sounds in a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing way.