Refrigerator Repair Service

Is your fridge constantly icing up or not cooling? Is it too loud? Whether built-in refrigerator or free-standing unit, you will find the right customer service for your refrigerator repair! There are repair service providers who can repair all equipment from camping refrigerators to normal household refrigerators, you can find them on their website.

A refrigerator is not a refrigerator. Compact refrigerators are mostly suitable for single or couple households. A distinction is made between built-under or built-in devices for small kitchen niches. The table or mini-fridge is also very popular because it saves a lot of space and still offers space for the most important things. In some cases, the devices mentioned start at a price of 200 or less, while depending on the dimensions and features you want, they can be much more expensive at up to 1,500. If several people use the same refrigerator under one roof, more space is naturally required. In families and shared apartments, larger ones are built-in refrigerators or standing refrigerators shared apartment’s dominant solution. If an optional freezer compartment is not enough for you, a fridge-freezer combination is also interesting. In general, the device variants with larger capacities are also more expensive. Accordingly, the price range from a few hundred euros to around 2,000 in the XXL versions.

Refrigerator, one of the most important household appliances

Even in ancient times, people knew that food could be kept longer if refrigerated. Back then, they used ice blocks to cool their food in cellars and caves. This type of food shelf life extension was revolutionized by this invention.

The modern refrigerator came onto the market in 1834 and, with cooling by air compression, provided the basis for important further developments. However, the so-called refrigerators could only be used for domestic use around 1930. From then on, the refrigerator soon became standard household equipment. Now the refrigerator has been continuously optimized and expanded. This is how the cooling rule came into being in supermarkets, as well as freezers and freezers for the household. Nowadays there are countless variations and combinations of the refrigerator, such as the side-by-side device or the fridge-freezer combination. The design (retro look, American refrigerator or side-by-side) and the size of the refrigerator are also optimized and give the once ‘normal’ refrigerators a completely new shape with many new convenient functions:

  • Automatic defrost function – icing that occurs is automatically defrosted and the water is collected in evaporation dishes
  • Biofresh function – or Vitafresh is like 0 ° zone, but the name depends on the manufacturer
  • 0 ° zone or temperature zone – moist 0 ° zone for fruit and vegetables, dry 0 ° zone for meat, fish and milk products, but the temperatures are usually 5 ° – 6 °
  • Water dispenser – fill chilled tap water directly into the glass, some combinations also offer with carbon dioxide
  • Ice cube maker – permanently fresh ice cubes at the push of a button, directly from the side-by-side
  • Wine cooler – different temperature zones for red and white wine or for long storage and immediate drinking pleasure