There is no particular style of the human wigs to wear. The only condition is that you feel good and serene with your wig and that it can bring you all the comfort and the freedom of action that you want.

There are many types of hair prostheses with various and varied cuts. ! Short wig, long wig, stylish wig, wig trend, classic wig, you can absolutely choose the one that suits you the most.

You can choose a model close to your natural hairstyle before hair loss or on the contrary try a completely different cut.

It’s up to you to see what makes you most comfortable!


A wig is chosen according to several important criteria:

– quality: monofilament, hand editing, cinema film, machine editing

– the comfort you want

– the cut: short, mid-long, long

– the color

– the price you want to pay

If you are looking for unparalleled support, to be able to move, and to play sports: opt for a wig with monofilament.  Lightweight, comfortable, and ventilated, it is perfectly suited to patients suffering from alopecia following chemotherapy treatment.

If your scalp is very sensitive, you will prefer a 100% hand-assembled wig because its weaving will not irritate the scalp.

As for the cut, dynamic, classic, or trendy, indulge yourself by choosing the one that best matches your personality and your image!


Many colors exist for each model of wig, but it is sometimes difficult to choose among them. Most of the time, the choice is made on the shade corresponding most to its original shade. Indeed, it is the best way so that his wig goes unnoticed.

Some colors have the words mix, lighted or rooted, here is their meaning:

–      Mix: balayage highlights in trendy colors.

–       Lighted: the front part is highlighted in a lighter tone.

–       Rooted: the root is darker in tone.

Wigs with natural and invisible effects

Currently, wig models are more and more impressive. This is the case of Lace front wig, thanks to its natural and invisible effect. Indeed, unlike a conventional wig, it is undetectable, because there is no demarcation at the level of the forehead. It is therefore perfect for concealing hair loss.

Also, you should know that the 360 wig is easy to wear. It is mounted on the forehead thanks to a tulle in itself (composed of adhesive strips) imitating the color of the skin. Its location therefore goes unnoticed. This is all the more interesting thanks to the short hair placed in front of the wig and the texture that resembles the scalp.

This to say that the lace 360 is a type of wig to have a beautiful mane that perfectly hugs the shape of the face. In addition, contrary to popular belief, it is affordable. For more information on this subject do not hesitate to see here.

However, apart from this very popular model, there is also a full lace wig that covers not only the forehead but also the back of the neck and ears. This surprising feature makes styling easier, as you can achieve a ponytail or bun while looking natural.