Aalok Bala shares otherworldly second single “Moon Juice”

Queens-raised, now LA-based, Aalok Bala, today shares her second single, “Moon Juice.” Following “Sueño”, “Moon Juice” is the second track to be lifted from Aalok’s forthcoming debut EP, Sacred Mirror.

An enchanting combination of the celestial and the earthly, “Moon Juice” grounds Aalok’s airy vocals, weightless chorus, and lyrics about the need to escape reality with pulsing, modulating analog synths and dry percussion clattering.

Explaining the meaning behind the concept of the track’s titular “Moon Juice,” Aalok shares, “Moon Juice is a hypnotic mantra for those who seek to find peace above the noise in a chaotic world. To travel beyond what is known. An anecdote to help connect with ourselves and the dream space. ‘I have a dose of Moon Juice every day. When I wake up or before I go to sleep.”