Why Your Event Venue Location Is Important

Choosing the ideal location for your event can be overwhelming. First, you need a venue that is easily accessible, affordable, and convenient. Also you need a venue that suits the occasion.

This means you may choose a different venue if the event is a birthday, corporate function, wedding or a christmas party.

But many organisers forget that the location has a major role to play in how successful the event is, and how the guests perceive it. The location alone can influence attendees both positively and negatively.

Tips To Choosing The Location

Choosing the right one is as paramount as the event itself. In light of this, how do you choose the location of the venue?


When you invite guests to your event, the first thing they will ask is where is the event? They need to know how close or far it is from where they are, and they will decide whether to attend.

Not many will be willing to travel long distances just to attend a party or wedding.


The other thing that will influence attendees is how accessible the venue is. It should not be too far from transport hubs such as airports, bus, and train stations.

If it is far from transport hubs, many people will opt not to attend. They do not want stressful movements. However, there is an option to provide them with transport.

Easy To Find

One other thing that you must keep in mind is that the event venue must be easy to find. You do not want your guests to waste time trying to locate it.

As you invite them, give clear and detailed directions. Give them several numbers they can call if they cannot locate it.

Transport Options

Some guests will prefer other transport options rather than driving themselves or public transport. You have to consider that some people may be too tired or drunk to drive safely or even catch public buses.

To make sure that everyone is safe and not stranded, choose a venue that has cabs or ride sharing options nearby. If you can also afford, offer them transport.

What To Consider When Choosing The Location

As you choose the best location for the event venue, you need to consider where most of the guests will be coming from. Will they be coming from different towns or they are within the locality?

This will help in ensuring the event venue is central to everyone.

When The Event Is Out Of Town

If you choose to have the event out of town, there are factors to consider as well. You have some friends and family back home who would like to attend.

To make it hassle-free for them, choose a venue that is close to transportation hubs. It could be near an airport, a train or bus terminus.

Besides this, it should also be near good and reputable hotels. This is of course if the event is not held on hotel grounds.

It is even better when held in hotel grounds as you could get discounts for accommodation.


The location of your event venue will determine the willingness of guests to attend. Everyone wants somewhere close to where they are, and to transportation hubs.

Apart from the transportation costs involved, they also do not want to spend much time on the road.

To have as many people attend as you would like, choose a venue that is close and easily accessible.