Shay Lia Brand New – ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’

Djiboutian-French, Montreal-based Shay Lia shares her sunshine-soaked new release ‘Love Me Love Me Not’:


Taken from her forthcoming EP, ‘Love Me Love Me Not’ follows ‘All Up To You’ and is a welcomed return for a deeply adept artist who has been putting her own stamp on contemporary R&B and electronic music on a string of releases including her acclaimed debut album ‘Dangerous’ last year.

Premiered on BBC Radio 1Xtra ‘Love Me Love Me Not’ effortlessly blends pop influences with afrobeat to create a warm and melancholy offering. Referencing the youthful nostalgia of picking petals from a flower, the track explores the ups and downs of new love and is the perfect soulful track for these warmer months.Speaking on the single, Shay Lia said: “If this song had a scent, it would be coconut oil mixed with vanilla. I wanted it to feel intimate and soft. I was definitely exploratory with this song – I wanted my listeners to feel how sensuality, pleasure and melancholy can blend into the same song and share the experience of being friend zoned from a woman’s perspective. It happens to us too and we should not be afraid to share how it can make us feel! It can be empowering to be vulnerable.”